Study in Norway: Scholarships, How to Apply, and Living Cost 

Norway is notable for its mountains, fjord coastline, ocean-faring history, interesting seaside life, midnight daylight during summer, and splendid Winter Olympics execution. It is likewise a prevalent decision for international study, offering a decent choice of colleges.  

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Due to some degree to its seaward oil and gas stores, Norway has the fourth-most astounding per capita salary on the planet and perhaps the most noteworthy way of life. It is an individual from numerous universal associations, including the UN, NATO, the Council of Europe and the Nordic Council, the WTO and the OECD. It is likewise part of the Schengen Area and keeps up close ties with the US and the European Union (EU), regardless of dismissing full EU enrolment. 

Norway is additionally eminent for its commitments to craftsmanship and culture. It is, all things considered, the country of tremendously persuasive figures, for example, writer Henrik Ibsen and painter Edvard Munch, the creator of The Scream, one of the most unmistakable artworks on the planet. Another significant driver of the travel industry to Norway is the staggering Arctic Circle marvels known as Aurora Borealis. 

Norway is the perfect place to study abroad. If you are interested in pursuing a study in Norway for free, start by perusing the information below. 

Study in Norway: Scholarship Opportunities 

Colleges in Norway are liberal to give out scholarships to international students, and some do not have education costs since they are sponsored by the legislature. We have ordered a rundown of scholarships for the individuals who want to study in Norway.

1. Erasmus +  

The Erasmus + program offers an assortment of scholarships and financing for college understudies. All students are qualified to apply for this program on the off chance that they are studying in Europe. You may need to check their site for the total and explicit rundown of nations that can profit their offers. 

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Official Link:

2. University of Oslo  

Situated at the center of Norway, the University of Oslo is a prime goal in numerous worldwide students’ rundowns. The school offers brilliant offices, quality training, and top personalities for the numerous courses they offer. The University of Oslo is an exceptionally huge school, lodging about 30,000 students on a yearly premise. On the off chance that you need an extraordinary grant in Norway, University of Oslo is an incredible place to begin. 

Oslo is an openly subsidized organization, so you can anticipate the almost free educational cost. They charge little expenses every year, except generally, they offer their classes for free. While indeed, you can spare a great deal from the staggering educational cost that different schools request, living in Oslo can be over the top expensive. 

Official Link:

3. NORAM Scholarship 

The Norway-America Association (NORAM) offers Americans scholarship chances to study in Norway. The program offers up to 10 scholarships every year. Here, students can apply if they need to seek after post-advanced educations. For those living in the United States that want to be an international student, this can be a prime open door that you ought not to leave behind. 

Official Link:

4. Norwegian University of Science and Technology 

Presently the reigning biggest college in all of Norway, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has more than 40,000 students every year. Having these armies of students getting through their entryways yearly, the school offers first-rate education as well as associations with organizations for their alumni. This makes the NTNU a generally excellent school to apply to, for those needing to move to Norway for their educations.  

The best part about learning at NTNU is that they have no education costs. The fundamental issue any student can have when studying here is like that of Oslo’s. Surprising expense of living can make life over the top expensive for average international student. 

Official Link:

5. Norwegian-Russian Scholarship Scheme  

The Norwegian-Russian Scholarship Scheme offers Russian students’ scholarships in Norway. This may include exchange programs or direct stipend which you can use for an assortment of accessible schools in this program. They, for the most part, acknowledge 30 student applications yearly, so you can anticipate that this should be a competitive process. 

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Office Link: 

How to Apply to an International University in Norway 

Expecting you wish to study in Norway and exploit the educational cost-free college projects, we wish to provide you with a far-reaching guide for applying.

1. Pick the Correct Degree Subject in Norway  

There is a great deal of Master’s degrees in Norway, some entertaining buzzword as “Viking and Medieval Norse Studies”. However, just a chosen few are well known and helpful. We figured out how to locate the most looked for after disciplines in Norway. 

  • Masters in Industrial Engineering 
  • Masters in Chemistry 
  • Masters in Language Studies 
  • Masters in Business Administration 
  • Masters in Mathematics 
  • Masters in Management and Leadership

2. Pick the Correct Norwegian University 

Norway has seven certify state-funded universities, nine authorize particular university foundations, 22 licensed college universities, two certify national schools of arts and a few private organizations of advanced education, with either institutional or program accreditation. We have made a little rundown of suggestions as follow: 

  • BI Norwegian Business School, in Oslo 
  • NHH Norwegian School of Economics, in Bergen  
  • The University of Bergen, in Bergen 
  • The University of Agder, in Kristiansand

3. Plan to apply to a Norwegian University 

Your initial step ought to be researching. Considering the number of colleges that you can pick from and that each has a rundown of study programs and an unmistakable rundown of reports fundamental for applying. You should check and consider every one of the criteria when picking a degree.  

Norway has a site committed to international students who wish to pursue a program within its outskirts, where every one of the degrees is concentrated and the particular subtleties of each put perfectly in tables. 

Utilize that site as much as possible. It was made to enable students to send any inquiries or any uncertainty with a simple email or a telephone call.

4. Where to Apply 

Norwegian colleges, business colleges, and other advanced education organizations have their guidelines. On the off chance that you go on to their official college sites, you will locate a whole rundown of any degree. Click on it and you will discover the due dates, the necessities, and a button taking you to the college’s page where you can start your official application. 

5. Language Necessities 

While you do not have to gain proficiency with the Norwegian language, you will require an English testament for your educations in Norway. Colleges generally acknowledge: 

  • TOEFL 
  • IELTS 
  • C1 Advanced 
  • Pearson PTE 
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You ought to ask your decision program what test and what evaluation you ought to gain, so you will not have issues during your official application.

6. Required Application Archives 

General Application Archives 

The rundown of general application archives is entirely direct. An student needs to exhibit: 

  • An undergrad/Bachelor’s certificate or likeness at any rate 3 years of study (it must incorporate courses equivalent to at any rate 1/2 years of full-time considers in a subject important to the program you connected for)  
  • English capability tests  

Specific Entry Prerequisites 

Norway has the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) which sets the base necessities that rely upon every understudy’s nation of origin. You should see the GSU-list, the Norwegian database for nation explicit data.  

For example:  

  • Indian students require an English test and two different declarations that demonstrate college instruction.  
  • Nigerian students do not require an English test, however, require Senior School Certificates in six subjects (compulsory English, Mathematics, and Science) with one more certificate.  
  • South African stufents just need a National Senior Certificate.  
  • American students must present High School Graduation Diploma + 1-year college/school studies in scholastic subjects or three Advanced Placement Tests with at any rate grade three.  
  • English students need a General Certificate of Education within any event three A-Levels or Cambridge Pre-U Diploma (three Principal Subjects + Global Perspective and Research) or a blend of A-Levels and Cambridge Pre-U Principal Subjects in three unique subjects.

7. Last Strides After Getting Your Acknowledgment Letter  

You will require a student living arrangement license. Visas are issued for stays up to 90 days, while students who intend to remain in Norway for over a quarter of a year need this understudy residence license.  

The short rundown of reports for an understudy living arrangement license in Norway: 

  • An application structure for student living arrangement with an identification photo  
  • A duplicate of your identification  
  • Documentation of admission to an approved educational foundation  
  • An arrangement of study  
  • A structure expressing the advancement of your educations  
  • Documentation of the lodging 

Living Cost

Living cost in Norway per month is higher than numerous other European nations, yet it should still be reasonable during your time as an international student. You should budget around €1,180 every month for everyday costs. Sustenance ordinarily costs €310 every month and transport €60. Eating out is costly. The expense of a full feast in a generally up-advertise eatery will be around €60 per individual.  

Your living costs will shift depending on your preferences and interests as well as the catering facilities at your convenience. 

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