How to Win the Ted and Holly Rollins Scholarship for High School Students

Are you a student with dreams of furthering your education and reaching new heights? Look no further than the Ted and Holly Rollins Scholarship. This scholarship program is a beacon of hope for ambitious individuals, offering a clear path to success.

In this guide, we’ll explore the essence of this prestigious scholarship, its requirements, application process, and crucial deadlines. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

The Ted and Holly Rollins Scholarship: An Overview

Ted and Holly Rollins Scholarship
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In essence, the Ted and Holly Rollins Scholarship is a biannual scholarship program that embodies the values of Ted Rollins and his wife Holly.

They hold a deep appreciation for young individuals who demonstrate exceptional dedication and hard work, both in academics and in life, irrespective of the challenges they face. This scholarship is designed to honor their vision of supporting deserving high school seniors on their journey toward higher education.

Specifically, the scholarship tailors to high school seniors, acknowledging the pivotal point in their educational path. In particular, it serves as a helping hand to ease the financial burden of college tuition, a significant obstacle for many students pursuing further education.

By offering financial support, this scholarship empowers these students to overcome financial obstacles and reach their academic and life goals.

On another note, Ted Rollins was a visionary entrepreneur, philanthropist, accomplished musician, and a friend to many worldwide. He began as a teenager carrying Johnny Cash’s bags on tour, eventually performing alongside him.

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Later, he co-founded Campus Crest, transforming it into a publicly traded company on the NYSE with over 50,000 beds in the US and Canada. Influenced by family, mentors, and leaders, he left a lasting impact on communities. His legacy benefited countless individuals for generations to come, transforming residential experiences.

Meanwhile, Holly Rollins is a versatile entrepreneur and artist with over two decades of experience in marketing, public relations, digital marketing, and content marketing. She has an impressive track record, securing national and international media coverage for clients. Additionally, she is recognized as a Top Global Content Marketer.

Program Benefits

As a recipient, you’ll receive a generous $5,000 scholarship that’s yours to use for your tuition, textbooks, or living expenses—providing you with the financial flexibility you need to navigate the costs of your education.

This scholarship is designed with your unique needs in mind, ensuring that you can focus on your academic and personal growth without the burden of financial stress.

Hence, it’s your opportunity to access essential resources and alleviate the financial challenges that often accompany higher education, making your path to success smoother and more attainable.

The Ted and Holly Rollins Scholarship Requirements

This scholarship has straightforward requirements, focusing on your unique story, field of study, and future impact. It encourages all eligible high school seniors to apply and share their aspirations. On another note, the requirements for this scholarship are as follows:

  1. Applicant must be a high school senior.
  2. Submission of a compelling life story.
  3. A well-defined plan for the intended field of study and future career.
  4. A clear explanation of how the applicant intends to make a positive impact on the world.

So, if you meet the requirements, read on to learn how to apply and boost your chances of winning.

The Ted and Holly Rollins Scholarship Application

The application process for this scholarship is straightforward and user-friendly, utilizing Google Forms as the platform for submission. To apply, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the Scholarship Form: Start by accessing the scholarship application form, which will be hosted on Google Forms. This user-friendly platform makes the application process efficient and accessible.
  2. Complete Two Sections: The application comprises of two key sections – Personal Information and the Essay.
  3. Personal Information: In the first section, you’ll provide basic details about yourself, including your name, the college you plan to attend, and your intended major. This information helps the scholarship committee get to know you better and understand your academic aspirations.
  4. Essay Submission: The second part of the form involves submitting an essay of a minimum of 500 words. This essay is a critical component of your application and should delve into your life story, your chosen field of study, your envisioned career path, and how you plan to make a positive impact on the world. In short, it’s your opportunity to showcase your unique journey and your aspirations for the future.
  5. Submit Your Application: Lastly, once you’ve completed both sections of the form, submit your application. Be sure to double-check your entries and the essay for accuracy and clarity.

The scholarship committee have designed the application process to enable you to express your ambitions and aspirations effectively. In fact, it ensures you present your story and future goals in a compelling way.

Overall, it’s a chance to distinguish yourself and have the scholarship committee consider you based on your merits and vision for the future.

The Ted and Holly Rollins Scholarship Deadline

Mark your calendar! The application deadline for the upcoming scholarship is November 15, 2023. Your chance to secure this valuable award is within reach. After the deadline, the selection process will commence, and the chosen winner will be notified via email by December 15, 2023.

It’s a tight turnaround, ensuring that successful applicants will know the outcome of their application and can plan their educational journey accordingly.

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So, don’t miss this opportunity to apply and potentially receive the scholarship! It could make a significant difference in your pursuit of higher education and future endeavors.

Contact Details

For inquiries related to the scholarship, please direct your emails to This email address is the primary contact point for all scholarship-related communication and assistance.

Official Website

For comprehensive details on the scholarship, visit This website provides in-depth information on eligibility, application procedures, and other essential information. Access the site to ensure you have all the necessary information to apply and increase your chances of securing this valuable scholarship.

The Ted and Holly Rollins Scholarship: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are scholarship recipients selected?

Scholarship recipients will be selected based on the compelling narratives they present in their applications. High school seniors are encouraged to share their life stories, their intended field of study, and career aspirations, along with their vision for making a positive impact on the world.

Then, a committee or panel will assess these essays, considering the depth of personal motivation, alignment with the scholarship’s values, and the clarity of their future goals. Specifically, they will recognize the most inspiring and impactful stories. This recognition emphasizes the scholarship’s commitment to supporting individuals with a strong sense of purpose.

Is the scholarship renewable for multiple years?

The scholarship is not renewable. Nevertheless, for ongoing financial assistance, you can explore renewable scholarships like the Steps for Change Scholarship or the Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund. These alternatives offer opportunities for sustained support throughout your college journey.

Is financial need a consideration for this scholarship?

This scholarship does not take financial need into account during the selection process. Instead, it places a strong emphasis on the quality and compelling nature of your essay, focusing on your life story, intended field of study, career aspiration, and your vision for making a positive impact on the world.

Can the scholarship be used at any college or university?

As a scholarship recipient, you have the freedom to use the award at any college or university across the United States. This empowers you to choose the educational institution that best aligns with your academic and career aspirations, making your pursuit of higher education more adaptable and personal.

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