Axie Infinity Scholarship: A Smart Way to Start Playing Axie Infinity for Free

Chances are you have heard about Axie Infinity multiple times before since it is all over the internet by now. People are making a good living simply by playing it. Employees are quitting their day jobs to devote their full attention to the game.

Even so, there are still some people who are reluctant to join the game. The expensive expense of purchasing a basic team is likely the biggest factor preventing most potential gamers from embarking on their Axie Infinity adventure.

Suppose you want to go into Axie Infinity without spending a fortune. Or, perhaps you simply lack the necessary resources to start. In that case, the Axie Infinity Scholarship may be of interest to you.

Read on to find out how you can earn the Axie Infinity Scholarship through the following guide.

Axie Infinity Scholarship
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What Kind of Game is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game with a few tweaks and changes inspired by the enormously popular Pokémon video game franchise. Simply put, Axie Infinity is all about breeding, nurturing, and battling cute creatures known as “Axies.” It exemplifies how the gaming and cryptocurrency sectors can exist side by side.

Axie Infinity rewards its players with resources that may be traded for real money on the marketplace. The game has a lot of depth and mechanics that strategy fans will like. The game features a lot of team-building and theory-building elements, and the possibilities are unlimited.

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Blockchain-based “play-to-earn” games are a relatively new notion in the gaming industry. Players purchase a video game title from a game production business in conventional games. On the other hand, players in play-to-earn blockchain games frequently purchase something from other players via the marketplace.

New players in Axie Infinity must purchase a starter team of three Axies from other players on the market. Basically, this is the first investment required to begin playing the game.

The cheapest Axies cost roughly $350 on average at the time of writing. The initial cost of forming an Axie Infinity squad is about $1,050 as you’ll require a team of three Axies. Axies’ prices, like those of other cryptocurrencies, are incredibly unpredictable and will change greatly owing to a variety of variables.

Of course, it goes without saying that spending more money on a better team will put you ahead of the competition. However, if you are unable to save a little money before purchasing your first team, we strongly advise you to apply for an Axie Infinity Scholarship to assist you in kick-starting your game.

How can Axie Infinity Scholarship Help You with The Game?

The Axie Infinity Scholarship is a sort of financial assistance available for a player by a manager or breeder. Usually, it manifests as a free Axie team. Then, the scholar will play the game on behalf of the management, earning Smooth Love Potions while getting a cut of the earnings.

Smooth Love Potions (SLPs) are game tokens that are primarily used to help Axies breed. Particularly, the tokens are used to make the game run more smoothly.

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However, note that the Axie Infinity Scholarship is not a legitimate in-game feature. To put it another way, it takes place outside of the game client or dashboard. Yet, the popularity of the so-called scholarship is growing among the gaming community. There are numerous explanations for this spike in popularity, though.

For starters, many expert players or breeders accumulate a large number of Axies, but they are unable to utilize them to earn SLPs because the game prohibits the usage of multiple accounts. Second, many new players desire to get into the game but lack the financial means to purchase a starter team.

Also, managers can assist students in learning about the game, particularly as NFT and cryptocurrency games are still very new. It’s a fantastic method for newcomers like you to learn about the more complicated aspects of Axie Infinity, such as how to maintain crypto wallets and cash out SLPs.

Ultimately, the Axie Infinity Scholarship is a win-win scenario for everyone.

How Much Can You Earn from the Scholarship?

When you become a “scholar” in Axie Infinity, you will receive a free starter team from a manager. In addition, the revenues you earn while using the team will be divided based on an agreed percentage. It could be 30:70, 40:60, or 50:50. With this scheme, you can start playing and earning without spending a single dollar!

How to Become a Scholar in Axie Infinity

There are a few things you must do to receive an Axie Infinity Scholarship.

First, look for managers or guilds who are recruiting Axie scholars. Next, contact the managers personally and tell them you are interested in applying to the gaming scholarships they are hosting. When you are accepted, your manager will give you three free Axies. Finally, you can start playing!

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It’s best to approach breeders or managers that have more Axies and are searching for scholars to assist them. Also, look for guilds consisting of a number of entrepreneurs. They frequently put a lot of money into Axies and hire scholars to earn SLPs for them as a form of passive revenue.

Where can you find those breeders and managers? You can first ask your friends, family, or co-workers who sponsor an Axie Infinity Scholarship. Or, you may want to check out places like the Axie Infinity Subreddit or Discord to apply as a scholar.

Most guilds or managers have application processes in which prospective applicants must complete out a form with their personal information and background.

Consider it similar to submitting a résumé for a job application, except instead of a job, you will be earning money by playing a video game! After all, they only award free Axies to deserving and trustworthy players. You can start buying AXS coins here: how to buy axie infinity.

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