SBP Scholarship Scheme by the State Bank of Pakistan

It is no longer a secret that providing financial aid programs is a very beneficial act for needy students. Hence, the same also applies to the establishment of the SBP Scholarship Scheme by the State Bank of Pakistan.

SBP Scholarship Scheme
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State Bank of Pakistan is the central bank in Pakistan. The bank, which has been established long before the independence day, annually assists Pakistani students. Specifically, the program is called the “Merit Scholarship Scheme”.

This program is made possible by the State Bank of Pakistan’s lofty goal of improving the quality of education throughout the country. In fact, it is known that the tuition between higher education institutions in Pakistan is not on the same par.

For example, one university charges its student PKR 500 at most whereas it could reach PKR 4,000 at another university. In short, the government is concerned that the huge gap could harm the quality of education in the country.

Hence, realizing this problem, the State Bank of Pakistan is targeting to routinely serve the community. Therefore, the bank always organizes the SBP Scholarship Scheme under the Merit Scholarship Scheme every year to help underprivileged students to further their education to a higher level.

In this guide, you can learn how the SBP Scholarship Scheme works. Apart from that, you can also read about its benefits, requirements, and how to apply for it.

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SBP Scholarship Scheme: A Program Overview

In fact, the SBP Scholarship Scheme is an opportunity that the State Bank of Pakistan sponsors and administers. Particularly, the bank dedicated the program as the 2021 Merit Scholarship Scheme that is specifically available for Pakistani students.

Specifically, the SBP Scholarship Scheme is open to the children of State Bank of Pakistan employees. Additionally, these employees must at least work at the OG-2 level.

Also, the State Bank of Pakistan awards these scholarships to needy students. Moreover, they are students who aspire to gain qualifications at the Intermediate, Graduate, and Post-Graduate levels.

All in all, students who are studying any discipline at the Intermediate, Graduation, and Post-Graduation levels or diploma courses are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Program Benefits

In fact, successful candidates will receive a monthly stipend equal to the amount we mentioned below.

  • Intermediate students will receive PKR 6,160 with a quota of 200 scholarship recipients.
  • Graduation students will receive PKR 7,840 with a quota of 100 scholarship recipients.
  • Post-graduation students will receive PKR 11,200 with an unlimited quota of scholarship recipients.

Furthermore, successful candidates can take advantage of their monthly stipend to pay expenses like:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Academic research

Eligibility Requirements

Specifically, to be eligible to apply for the SBP Scholarship Scheme, you must:

  • Be the child of an SBP employee, be it a deceased employee or a retiree with a level as low as OG-2.
  • Have passed any exam with a minimum B grade or a minimum score of 60% in Matriculation, Intermediate, Graduation, or diploma courses.
  • Provide a certificate from the relevant institution that states the graduation policy with equivalent percentage marks (in the case of GPA/CGPA scores).
  • Be registered with an educational institution after 2018.
  • Not be receiving a scholarship from any source at the time of application.
  • State the duration of the courses on the application form with the minimum duration of the diploma courses being six (6) months.
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Automatically, we do not recommend you to apply if you fail to meet the requirements above.

How to Apply for the SBP Scholarship Scheme

While you can’t apply online, interestingly, the application procedure for this program is a breeze. Still, you have to fill in an application form to register as a candidate for the SBP Scholarship Scheme.

First of all, download the SBP Scholarship Scheme application form here. Next, print and fill in the blanks on the form. In total, there are 12 sections that you must fill in there, for example:

  • Name of the Employee (With Index No. & PIN)
  • Designation of the Employee
  • Place of Posting
  • Name of the Student
  • Relationship with Employee (Son/Daughter)
  • Year of Passing Matriculation/Intermediate/Graduation Examination: Total Marks, Marks Obtained, Percentage, Grade (Enclose the Attested Copy of Marks Sheet)
  • Name of the Institution/Board/University from Where the Examination Passed
  • The Course of Study Being Pursued
  • Name of the Institution Where Admission Taken
  • Duration of Course of Study and Subjects Taken
  • Date of Commencement of Session/Classes (With Documentary Evidence)

Additionally, you must also include the address of your domicile and telephone number. Then, attach the necessary documentaries to support the information you have provided on the form.

Lastly, send the application form to the designated contact person.

Closing Date

The application period for the SBP Scholarship Scheme by the State Bank of Pakistan ends on March 15th, 2021. Therefore, the committee hopes that participants submit their forms to the contact persons we include in the next section before the deadline.

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Also, it’s crucial to remember that the committee will terminate anyone who fails to submit the application form on time and/or attach incomplete or invalid information to it.

Besides, it usually takes several weeks for the registration crew to verify all applications. Automatically, the candidates who make it to the next stage will personally receive further information about what they need to do next.

On the other hand, if you haven’t heard from them after weeks, please accept that you are unsuccessful. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged by it. In reality, Scholarship Story has information on other valuable opportunities for Pakistani students.

For starters, some of the best scholarships for Pakistani students to try are Mora Scholarship and UGRAD Scholarship.

SBP Scholarship Scheme Contact Details

For participants, please send your application form to:

Mr. Amjad Ali Senior Joint
Director Human Resources Department
State Bank of Pakistan
I I Chundrigar Road

Also, you can send any questions you have about the SBP Scholarship Scheme to the address above.

Official Website

Visit the official page of the SBP Scholarship Scheme that the State Bank of Pakistan sponsors here.

Yes, it’s an unfortunate thing that the page isn’t actively operating right now. However, you can visit it from time to time to make sure you won’t miss any important updates about the program.

Alternatively, you can check this guide regularly for the latest updates on the SBP Scholarship Scheme. Plus, you shouldn’t hesitate to save this page and come back to it later to keep yourself updated.

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