MORA Scholarship for Pakistani Students Open for Applications

The Government of Pakistan’s Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony sponsors MORA Scholarships for students from minority communities.

MORA Scholarship
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This guide will assist you to better understand the MORA Scholarship scheme in a detailed manner, how it works, the eligibility requirements, and how to apply.

MORA Scholarship Overview

Applications are invited from students of minority communities for grant of scholarships for different categories (from Primary level to Professional level) as per policy and rates for the current financial year 2020-21.

Eligibility Requirements

The basic eligibility requirements for MORA Scholarship by the Government of Pakistan are as follows.

  • Regular Minority Students of Government Institutions (only) who have passed their annual examination during the last one year and scored at least 50% marks are eligible to apply. In the case of the GPA system, an evaluation sheet from the respective institution must be provided.
  • Candidate’s Parent Income must not exceed Rs.35,000/- per month. The Head of the institution or Employer should ensure the correct financial position of the student’s parent/guardian before signing the Income Certificate.
  • All particulars of the students concerned will be certified by the Head of Educational Institution, also verifying that attested copy of the school progress report/marks sheets of the last annual examination showing actual performance of the students is enclosed. Marks sheet prepared on the printed form or plain paper afresh will not be accepted.
  • The application will be on New Prescribed Performa, duly supported with an attested copy of the marks sheet of the last examination. In the case of semester system attested copies of marks sheets for the last two semesters and Father/Guardian’s Parent Original Income Certificate.
  • The Head of the Institution should check that forms are complete in all respect, required certificates/documents are attached, and prepare a list of eligible students and send it to the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Inter-Faith Harmony along with the covering letter duly signed by him/her.
  • CNIC/NADRA B-form number (in case of candidates younger than 18 years) of the Student must be written on the form and also attach attested copies of the same. You do not have to attach a copy of your parent/guardian’s CNIC.
  • Students/parents/guardians are advised, in their own interest to provide a contact number and email address to get possible queries resolved in time.
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Please kindly note that students receiving financial assistance, stipend or scholarship, etc. from any other source by the time of applying will not be eligible to register. Students of private institutions are also not advised to submit applications for they are ineligible to apply for the MORA Scholarship otherwise their applications will be rejected at the initial level.

How to Apply for MORA Scholarship

Application forms for MORA Scholarship can either be photocopied from newspapers, downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Inter-Faith Harmony at, or can be obtained free of cost from the ministry.

In the application form, you will see three different sections in which you have to provide detailed information about your personal, educational, and financial background.

First, you have to fill in the application form for the scholarship for students of minority communities. In this section, you are required to use blue ink for filling up and attesting the form. Please provide the required information as stated below.

  1. Your name (in block letters)
  2. Your number of CNIC/NADRA B-Form
  3. Your gender
  4. Your community
  5. The class & course in which you are currently studying
  6. Your residential address
  7. Your contact number and email address
  8. Your father’s/guardian’s name and his or her profession
  9. The class & course based on which MORA Scholarship is being claimed
  10. Name of the institution in which you are currently studying (must be a government institution)
  11. Details of last annual examination passed: what year the exam was held, marks obtained, total marks, and percentage of the obtained marks
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Next, you have to provide a Certificate of the Head of Institution which has been signed and stamped by the official of your institution or company. The certificate will read as follow.

“Certified that Mr./Ms. (your name) the son/daughter of Mr. (your father’s/guardian’s name) is a bonafide student of this Government institution. He/She is studying in class (the current class you are studying at the moment). He/She is not receiving financial help from any other source. His/Her conduct is satisfactory and he/she fully deserves financial help. It is, further certified, that this is a Government and not a private institution.”

For the last section, please provide the income certificate of your father/guardian as the final requirement needed. The certificate should be written in the following template. It has to be signed and stamped by the employer or the principal/head of the institution where he/she is related.

“Certified that Mr./Mrs. (your father’s/guardian’s name) is working as (your father’s/guardian’s current occupation) in (the company/place where your father/guardian is working) and his/her monthly income is about Rs. (the number of your father’s/guardian’s monthly income). He/She is (a father or a guardian) of the applicant/Student.”

The checklist provided below should work as a guide to keep you on track. Make sure you have provided all the asked documentation. Without these mandatory documents, your application may not be considered.

  • Attested copy of your CNIC/NADRA B-Form. (It is unnecessary to attach the copies of your parents’/guardian’s CNICs, photo, and domiciles, etc.)
  • Attested copies of Marks Sheets/DMC/Progress Report of the last annual exam. (In the case of semester system, students are required to attach attested copy of marks sheets of the last two semesters. In case of GPA system evaluation sheet is mandatory.)
  • Original Income of Certificate of parent/guardian for the current year.
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All columns of the New Application Form must be filled in properly and carefully, particularly the name of institution and class. Incomplete forms will not be considered. The application forms received before advertisement (September 21st, 2020) and after the closing date and an old form may not be considered.

Closing Dates

The applications, complete in every respect, with documentary evidence, must reach the undersigned within 30 days (October 21st, 2020). If you do not make it to the cut for this scholarship, we have many other best scholarships for Pakistani students. You may want to start discovering it there.

Contact Details

Should you have any questions about the application procedures, please send your queries to the mentioned contact below.

Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-Faith Harmony of Government of Pakistan

Green Trust Tower, 8th Floor Blue Area

Hammad Nazar, Section Officer (Minorities)

Tel: 051-9207466

Official Website

For more information about the MORA Scholarship program, visit the official website of the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Inter-Faith Harmony at Check out the site regularly so you won’t miss anything about this great opportunity.

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