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Scholarships in Belgium 2019: VLIR-UOS, Ares, Science@Leuven

Belgium is a European country located in western Europe, which is known for its beautiful medieval architectures. Belgium has three official languages Dutch, French, and German, where the Dutch and French languages are most commonly used on many occasions. It is also had influenced Belgium in politic that makes Belgium has more complex politic structure systems in Europe, where the Dutch, French, and German communities play important roles in it.

Education in Belgium mostly influenced and funded by each community where they have political influence in their respective regions, for higher education case in Belgium commonly organized by the Dutch and French communities and the German community normally enrolled at University or Institution in Germany.

scholarships in belgium

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The VLIR-UOS ICP Scholarships

The VLIR-UOS Scholarship offers Master Scholarship for 31 eligible countries to study at Belgian Flemish Universities in Flanders region. The selected students will granted 1,150 EUR monthly stipends plus one-time payment.

The scholarship programs are only sponsored for a full-time selected Master’s program at Universities in Flanders region. The selected Master programs will use English medium in its lectures. Only the following Master’s programs are eligible for the scholarships.

The Eligibility and Requirements

The applicants must be one of  31 eligible countries nationality and no more than 35 years old for two year Master program and 40 years old for one year Master program, having professional backgrounds and experience in NGO, Government, or Academic/ Research Institution will be an advantage.

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To apply the students must follow the instruction given by the partnered Flemish Universities to complete the Admission process and mentioned to apply for VLIR-OUS ICP Scholarship before the given deadline. The deadline is varied from each University it ranges from 1 February and 1 March 2019. You can find The list partnered Universities and the deadlines here.

To learn more about VLIR-OUS ICP scholarships check here.

The Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarships

The Government of Flanders offers scholarships for Master International students from all nationality to acquire their Master Degree at Flemish Universities. 30 scholarships will be awarded, an additional reserved scholarship will be awarded for Palestine, Japan, Mexico, the US Nationality for academic year 2019/20.

The scholarships awarded selected students with maximum 8,000 EUR stipends a year

The Eligibility and Requirements

All Nationality students can apply for the scholarships, the applicants must apply for the full-time Master programs at the host institutions, have minimum 3.0 (4.0) GPA.


To apply the students must complete the admission process at the selected host institutions for the program then the host institution will submit your Master Mind Scholarship application that had been evaluated beforehand. You must prepare the following documents when applying;

  • Valid Passport
  • Translated Transcript Records (Dutch, French, or English)
  • English proficiency certificates
  • Copy of translated acquired diplomas and degree (Dutch, French, or English)
  • Two reference Letter from the previous professors
  • Motivation Letter in English
  • Three reasons for Applying in English

The deadline for applying The Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarships 30th April 2019 however, the deadlines for Admission at the selected host institutions varies from 1 February 2019 to 22 March 2019. You can see the list of Host Institution and more detailed information here and you can download the guidelines for Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarship here.

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ARES Scholarships in Belgium

ARES Scholarships offers one year specialize Master Program at Wallonia-Brussels Institutions, 150 scholarships will be granted to selected students from the eligible recipient countries. The scholarships funded by the Frech community in Belgium at Wallonia Region.

The students will be placed at Wallonia Universities when being selected as scholarship recipients and provided with one round economy Airways ticket per academic year, travel allowance, insurance coverage, and monthly stipends.

The Eligibility and Requirements

  • The citizen of the following countries;
  • Benin, Bolivia, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger, Peru, Philippines, the democratic republic congo, Rwanda, Senegal, Vietnam.
  • No more than 40 years old
  • Have an undergraduate degree that equivalent with Belgium graduate diploma
  • Two years of professional experience
  • French language proficiency


The applicants must submit their application to ARES per POST or EXPRESS DELIVERY SERVICE Only to the following address Rue Royal 180, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium. The application process is free and must be received by ARES foundation on 8th February 2019, the application that contains money will be terminated. You can download the application form and follow the application instruction here.

To inquire or if you have any problem during application you can contact the following email address;  and to learn more about Ares Master and Training scholarship check here.

Science@Leuven Scholarships

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven is dutch research University in Flanders region, Belgium. The Leuven University ranked within top one hundred universities in the world and the largest university in Belgium, the Leuven universities researcher also has filed more patents than any other University in Europe.

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The scholarship is offered for Master program in the science department funded by the university and the alumni, the eligible Master programs are;

  • Master of Chemistry
  • Master of Geography
  • Master of Physics
  • Master of Statistics

The scholarship provides the selected candidates up to 10,000 a year, the scholarship amount will always cover the tuition fees, health insurance coverage, and the living expenses. To see more detailed scholarship coverage check here.

The Eligibility and Requirements

The applicants must hold a bachelor degree outside Belgium education systems, determination to finish their Master Program on time, willing to be the ambassador for the programme, have excellent academic records, strong knowledge in English, and do not possess any Master degree.


To apply the applicants should submit their application through the KU Leuven application tool and upload the required document for the scholarship. Follow the steps the application instructions and you might needs prepare the English proficiency documents and previous required academic transcripts. Then after completing the admission at KU Leuven University, you can apply for Science@Leuven scholarship’s online portal. You can find more about Science@Leuven Scholarship here

Important note to add, it is important for the applicants to inquire more information about the additional documents or Language requirements needed for applying and learn more about Belgium in General because of Belgium political system is so complex that influences many aspects including education.

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