22 International Scholarships for Teachers and Researchers

Are you seeking for financial aid to support your studies in an education major in another country? Lucky for you to have found this page! In this article, you will learn about education studies and its prospects for your career. You will also find a list of scholarship opportunities that you may be eligible for to study abroad.

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Introducing Education Studies

Education is the study of the process of receiving and giving systematic instruction. As a degree, it mixes a theoretical grounding in the history, anthropology, sociology and economics of education, psychology and human development, and applied courses on teaching methods. Different degrees may specialize in areas such as early childhood education, primary teaching, secondary teaching or vocational education. Education degrees can also allow you to specialize in teaching a specific subject matter.

An education degree will give you a set of key, transferable skills such as an ability to work and communicate with children, effective oral and written communication, information and communication technology savviness, research and analytical skills, problem-solving skills, teamwork ability, self-management, organization and time management skills. In addition, the courses will help you design curricula, plan lessons, target the learning capability of students and create healthy and dynamic learning environments.

With an education degree, your career options are not limited to just being a teacher in primary or secondary school. Still focusing on individual children’s formation, you can develop your career as a youth worker, a careers adviser, a teaching assistant or a speech therapist. Studying education is also good if you are interested in macro-scale projects and systems. You can join other graduates in becoming a community education officer, an education administrator or a museum education officer. You can also work in adult education and training, curriculum design, education projects, education policy making and educational NGOs.

If you are interested in the creative industries, you can also apply for jobs in television production, cartoon production, or become a writer, an artist, a photographer, a film-maker, etc.

International Scholarships for Education Students to Study Abroad

There is a wide range of scholarships offered to international students to study anywhere in the world. Below, you will see not only scholarships for teachers to study abroad, but also scholarships for researchers.

  1. The University of Dundee Global Excellence Scholarships: Undergraduate scholarships worth up to ₤25,000 for students to pursue an undergraduate degree program at the University of Dundee. The scholarships are available to UK, EU, and international students, for up to five years of education. Applicants must hold an offer of entry for an undergraduate program in any of the academic schools at the University of Dundee for September entry.
  2. The Applegate-Jackson-Parks Future Teacher Scholarship: Annual scholarship program awarding eligible undergraduate and graduate students majoring in education with $1,000 scholarships.
  3. The JCCs of North America Graduate Education Scholarship Program: Up to five scholarships awarded to full-time graduate students, worth up to $10,000 per year for a one- or two-year period.
  4. The Delta Gamma Foundation’s Florence Margaret Harvey Memorial Scholarship: A scholarship administered by the American Foundation for the Blind. The scholarship awards one legally blind undergraduate or graduate student in the field of education or rehabilitation of blind or visually impaired persons with a $1,000 grant.
  5. The Rudolph Dillman Memorial Scholarship: Another scholarship program administered by the American Foundation for the Blind. The Rudolph Dillman Memorial Scholarship offers four scholarships of $2,500 each to undergraduates or graduates who are studying full-time in the field of rehabilitation or education of persons who are blind and/or visually impaired.
  6. The Journalism Education Association’s Future Teacher Scholarships: Up to five scholarships worth $1,000 each available to students enrolled in an upper level or master’s degree education program that will result in the student being able to teach journalism at the secondary school level. The program is also open for current secondary-school journalism teachers who are in a degree program in order to improve their journalism-teaching skills.
  7. Christa McAuliffe Scholarship Program: A scholarship program created by the Tennessee General Assembly, aimed at assisting a single recipient who plans to pursue a career in education in Tennessee by awarding a one-time scholarship of $500.
  8. Litherland / FTEE Scholarship: One scholarship of $1,000, provided by the Foundation of Technology and Engineering Educators, annually available to undergraduate students majoring in technology and engineering education teacher preparation. To be eligible for the scholarship, the student needs to be a member of the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association and a full-time undergraduate student.
  9. Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship: Scholarships offered by The Kansas Board of Regents to both current teachers and students enrolled in a program leading to a license as a teacher in an identified discipline or underserved area. The scholarship goes up to $5,514, and students may be enrolled either part-time of full-time.
  10. AFCEA Educational Foundation STEM Scholarships: Scholarships by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association for at least 50 students who are working towards a degree or license that will allow them to teach science, technology, engineering or math at a US middle or secondary school. Each scholarship is worth $5,000. Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at an accredited college or university. Applicants working towards their license must have received at least a bachelor’s degree in a STEM major.
  11. T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® MINNESOTA: A scholarship program for early childhood and school age care professionals who want to improve their education. Applicants need to already be working as child-care professionals or early childhood educators, and must be accepted into a Childhood Development or Early Childhood Education degree program at an accredited two or four year college in Minnesota. Applicants are required to continue working at least 15 hours per week with children during their studies, and be willing to continue working at least one year after the completion of their studies.
  12. Barbara Lotze Scholarships for Future Teachers: A scholarship program administered by the American Association for Physics Teachers. The annual scholarship is worth $2,000 and is available to an individual for up to four years of education. Applicants must be undergraduate students enrolled in an accredited two-year college or a four-year college or university, or a high school senior accepted in such an institution. Applicants must also be pursuing a career in teaching physics on the high school level.
  13. Early Childhood Educators Scholarship Program: Administered by the Office of Student Financial Assistance of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, the scholarship program offers per-credit scholarships, with different rates for different types of education institutions. A public university student could receive $500 per credit, maximum of $4,500 per semester. A private college or university student could receive the same amount of money. A state college student could receive $400 per credit, maximum of $3,600 per semester. A community college student could receive $250 per credit, maximum of $2,250 per semester. To be eligible for the scholarship, the student needs to be employed at least for a year before applying as an early childhood educator or care provider, continue child care work during the program, and work in the childcare field after graduation.
  14. Prospective 7-12 Secondary Teacher Course Work Scholarships: Scholarships aimed at future math teachers. Each scholarship is worth up to $10,000. To be eligible, applicants must currently be completing their sophomore year of college, and scheduling for full-time study at a four- or five-year college / university. Applicants need to be studying toward a diploma that will allow them to become certified teachers or secondary school math.
  15. Fulgham-Fulghum Family Scholarship: Annual scholarships worth $1,000 each, offered by the Fulgham-Fulghum National Family Foundation, Inc. to a high school senior admitted to a college or university. The scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis, with preference given to seniors admitted to programs that lead to a career in the teaching profession. Selections are based on academic achievement and volunteer work and achievements outside the school.
  16. TEACH Grant: The Teach Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant is a federal grant program aimed at helping students working towards teaching and education degrees. The grant awards students with up to $4,000 per year, on the condition they agree to work in a high-need field or at an elementary school, secondary school, or educational service agency that serves students from low-income families for at least four complete academic years within eight years after completing their course of study.
  17. Shon Shadrick Memorial Scholarship: A $5,000 scholarship awarded by Lindsey’s Family Restaurant, to a student pursuing a degree in Special Education.
  18. The Ruby J. Darensbourg-Cook Memorial Scholarship Fund: A scholarship program administered by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation that rewards its scholars with a $500 scholarship per semester, for up to eight semesters. To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants need to be high school seniors enrolling in an accredited Louisiana college / university with the intention to major in Education, although preference will be given to those who wish to major in Elementary Education or Early Childhood Education.
  19. Joseph T. Weingold Scholarship: A scholarship program administered by NYSARC, that awards students enrolled full-time in an Education degree program leading to Special Education certification in a college or university in New York, US. The $3,000 scholarship is awarded to two students in four $750 installments.
  20. Postdoctoral Fellowship in Science Education and Communication at the University of Groningen: The Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) at the University of Groningen in Netherlands awards scholarships to talented junior researchers who want to further develop both their research and teaching skills.
  21. Fully-Funded PhD Positionsin Autism Research: The PhD Positionsin Autism Research is now available at The DCU Institute of Education in Ireland for international students. The studentship is fully-funded, inclusive of stipend and EU fees for the duration of four years. As part of the program, successful candidates will undertake a maximum of six hours per week learning support activities such as tutoring, consistent with furthering their professional development. The candidate will also assist with School administrative processes.
  22. Postgraduate Global Excellence Scholarship at the University of Exeter: Studentships for international students pursuing a master’s degree program in Arab and Islamic Studies, Education, Law, Politics, or Sociology at the University of Exeter within the College of Social Science & International Studies.

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