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What You Need to Know Before Applying Scholarships in USA

Where there is a will, there is a wayPauline Kael

Study Abroad in USA

Studying abroad will give you very valuable experience not only academically but also socially, you will experience many new things in your life such as meeting new people, trying different food, experience new culture and more. If you study or live in a foreign country it will also make you grow as a person exponentially. However, not many high school students or even undergraduate student might picture them self studying in another country due to various reason, be it their grade, their financial situation, or lack information. however remember as Pauline Kael said “there is a will, there is a way” and scholarship might be one of the solutions that you’ve been looking for.

scholarships in usa

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Some Scholarships in USA

The American government does provide full scholarships for the International student, who want to continue their study in America.

First called Fulbright Foreign student program this one is granted degree program, what its mean is after you finish the program you will be granted a degree after you finish it and why this is important, because the American government also have something called a fellowship program called Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program, the program itself is fo bachelor degree holder with professional background and have the objective to exchange knowledge between American student and international student so that after the participants finish the program they will gain better insight, perspective, new relations that might help their career advancement.

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Fulbright student program is a scholarship program for the International student who wants to continue their study in America, pursuing either a Master or Ph.D. degree. It is estimated granting 4000 students each year form 155 countries and what also important is each and every countries have different requirements, procedure, and eligibility. Fulbright scholarship is a full scholarship that means the chosen one will get benefits such as tuition fee funds, living expense coverage, an expense for health insurance and more. You can check whether your country one of the scholarship program recipient here.

And as I said before each country has a different procedure and requirements. Here are the requirements Fulbright scholarship program for the candidates.

The applicant is not America citizen or/and not currently living permanently in America, proficient in English, have outstanding academic records, have a realistic plan that they can accomplish fulltime study and graduate in the US, willing to work min. 5 years before completion of the scholarship program, and have a commitment to return their home country after the program finished.

And here is example specific requirements for Indonesian Student who want to pursue a master degree in the US with the scholarship program, The Applicants should hold a bachelor degree with minimum GPA 3.0 (4.0) and have TOEFL or IELTS with a minimum score of 550.

And for the Ph.D. program, The applicants should hold a master degree with minimum GPA 3.0 (4.0), TEFL or IELTS equivalent with a minimum score of 575 and have the intention to take up or return to an academic position upon completion of the study.

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To apply the applicants must complete the application form that can be download from the official website for each country, you can find it at and One-page study objective for the master scholarship program and one-page study objective plus 3-5 pages research proposal for the Ph.D. scholarship program.

For general requirements submission, you will need recent copy TOEFL/IELTS scores, two letter reference from your employer or your professor/lecturer, a copy of your transcript both in original and English language, a copy of passport, CV and next deadline will be 15 February 2019.

The second one is the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program, this program is one from the two programs, which are fully funded by the US government and this scholarship program will not grant you degree upon finishing the program however you will be awarded with a certificate. The program specified for a professional who works at least five years be it in the private sector or non-profit organization.

Like many fully funded scholarship, you will be given a monthly allowance, books supplies allowance, and for International and domestic travel expense will be provided for your attendance for the seminar and conference. What also important information is that you can’t choose which university or states will host you and this scholarship program will not cover any expenses other than the participant in another word if you decide to bring family member their expense will not be covered.

Hubert H Humphrey scholarship program also has prioritized field they focus on such as education, public health, and democratic institution building and you can find more info here.

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After you finish with the program you also have a chance to win the Alumni Impact Awards, which offer up to $10.000 to the alumni who bring a positive contribution with their projects for their home country and also will be able to apply a fund for a workshop.

The general requirements not that different from the Fulbright scholarship program. The applicant is not America citizen or/and not currently living permanently in America, proficient in English, committed and prepared to their chosen field study.

And In addition, the applicants should possess at least bachelor degree with min GPA 2.75 (4.0), have a minimum TOEFL ITP score of 525 or IBT TEFL score of 70/71 or equivalent and the document you need to prepare is completed form, which you can download at the official website for each country (same with Fulbright), TOEFL ITP or IBT copy that no more than two years, copy transcript record both in original and in English, copy passport or valid identity document, CV, and last but not least two letter reference one is from your supervisor in your professional work setting and second are from credible associate that are outside from your work environment. The next deadline for this program is 15 April 2019.

There are still many more info that you needs to research and if you really want and take this seriously there is a high chance you will find the way to your dream.

Thank you and good luck.

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