Study in Austria: Universities, Scholarships, Requirements, Costs

Barely any nations are as convincing for studying abroad as Austria. Austria lies in the focal point of Europe with simple access to its neighboring nations via air, street, or rail. With a populace of 8.7 million, Austria is a fairly little nation, yet whether you appreciate the dynamite Alpine perspectives or incline toward the energy of its urban communities, there is always something for everyone. 

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For such a little nation, the brilliance of Austria’s universities is perceived around the world. A considerable lot of them rank exceptionally in global college rankings, guaranteeing you of decent quality education should you choose to study there. 

Regardless of whether you are originating from a nation outside the EU, the expenses are reasonable and lower than numerous in the remainder of Europe – with around 1,500 EUR every year. The private universities can set their rates which can be impressively higher, yet there is such a great amount of option for international understudies. 

Public Universities in Austria

Austria has a fine rundown of schools and universities that offers broad learning programs and competitive academics. The following are public universities in Australia for international understudies.

1. Vienna University of Technology 

This university, concentrating on engineering and regular sciences, is additionally viewed as Austria’s biggest scientifically specialized research and most prestigious educational foundation. It contains eight faculties: Architecture and Planning, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering, and Information Technology, Mathematics and Geoinformation, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Physics. 

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2. University of Innsbruck 

Many honor winning scholars and scientific cutting-edge disclosures originated from this establishment. This biggest research and training foundation in western Austria additionally offers a wide range of programs; from applied economics, computer sciences, astronomy, to English and American studies.

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3. Sigmund Freud University 

This is a university exceptionally committed to psychotherapy science; it is the main scholastic establishments on the planet where psychotherapy is educated at an undergraduate level. 

The teaching strategies are connected through research exercises, practical training, scholarly exchange among various psychotherapy school, even an intensive, four-week program in the basics of psychotherapy hypothesis and practice for understudies and experts from around the world is held each mid-year. All projects are offered in German and English.

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4. The University of Applied Arts Vienna 

The university views itself as an examination lab for the creative mind. It offers something beyond a wide range of aesthetic strategies and abilities; it prepares the understudies to build up their masterful innovativeness and basic reflection upon one’s work. This university has brought forth the celebrated specialists, for example, Gustav Klimt, Jill Sander, and Karl Lagerfeld.

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5. Lauder Business School 

Lauder Business School is one of the most prestigious business schools in Austria, populated with individuals from more than 40 nations who are either studying, educating or working there. Studies are told in English.

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6. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna 

This university is the training and research community for renewable assets in Vienna—integrating science, agribusiness, and sociologies field. It offers 15 divisions and five research units, with as of now around 12,500 understudies from more than 100 nations.

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7. MODUL University 

A private university that spotlights on social and monetary advancement—especially in the territories of the travel industry, new media data innovation, maintainability, business organization, and open administration. The best part is that all examination programs are led totally in English. 

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Austrian Universities Ranking 

The QS World University Rankings are among the most significant, most-referenced rankings. The QS ranking depends intensely on its scholarly review, getting some information about the notoriety of universities. 

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings gather a wide scope of measurements. Equivalent weight is put on teaching quality, research brilliance, and research impact through references. 

The Academic Ranking of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University centralizes around research yield and quality, for instance, estimated by the quantity of distributed and referred to scientific papers and the quantity of staff or graduated class winning the Nobel Prize or Fields Medal. 

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Below are top Austrian universities ranking in 2019:

1. University of Vienna

2. TU Wien

3. University of Innsbruck

4. Graz University of Technology

5. Johannes Kepler University Linz

6. University of Graz

7. Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt

8. University of Salzburg

9. Medical University of Graz

10. Medical University of Innsbruck 

Study in Austria Cost

The money utilized in Austria is the Euro (€). 

Education costs in Austria will rely on more than one variable. One of these is the place you are from, and the other is whether you pick a public or private college. State-funded colleges will charge less than private colleges. You ought to likewise hope to pay a higher education cost at a college of integrated sciences too. 

If you are from an EU/EEA nation, you are not required to pay education costs insofar as you complete your course in its given period, or within the extra two semesters permitted. If you do not complete your course at this time, you should pay a little education cost every semester you remain enlisted. This is, as a rule, around €363.36 per semester. 

If you are from some other nation, you are required to pay an education cost for every semester. This is typically around €726.72 at an open organization. Both universal and EU/EEA understudies should pay an understudy organization enrolment expense, which is ordinarily around €18 per semester. 

Another cost that global understudies should know about is medical coverage. If you are from an EU/EEA nation and hold an EHIC card, you will probably get to a similar medicinal service as Austrian residents without taking out medical coverage. If you are from different nations like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey, you will likewise not require medical coverage. 

However, you will need to get an A3 structure from your national medical coverage supplier, which would then be able to be traded for an Austrian medicinal services form. If you are from some other nation, you should either buy medical coverage for your stay in Austria or guarantee that your present policy is legitimate all through your studies. 

To subsidize your studies, you may probably apply for a grant, or find a low maintenance line of work. On the off chance that you are from an EU/EEA nation (barring Croatia) and Switzerland, you will most likely work low maintenance with constrained confinements. 

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Your organization may expect you to just work a specific measure of hours out of each week. If you are from some other nation, you should apply for a work grant, which is liable to you holding a substantial living arrangement license. On the off chance that you are from Croatia, you will likewise need to apply for a work grant. This condition is a piece of the progress to EU participation and will remain along these lines until 2020. 

Entry Requirements for Study in Austria

To apply to study in Austria, you need to send the application and essential records to either the college, the college of integrated sciences Fachhochschule/UAS) or the UAS degree program. Applications submitted to the Austrian agent specialists will be sent to the educational foundation.

1. Application for the affirmation University application form (can be downloaded from the college’s landing page or will be sent by them). The competitor must refer to the program they wish to study and important individual data.

2. Verification of nationality alongside a duplicate of authority ID alongside photograph or substantial travel document (if required). 

3. General college entrance requirements (attested duplicates for international understudies): 

  • For bachelor and diploma degree study: optional school leaving certificate  
  • For master’s study: bachelor or comparable degree  
  • For doctoral study: certificate, master or proportional degree

4. For some programs, evidence of capability in German is important and ought to likewise be incorporated into the application reports, if available. 

Foreign records must be introduced alongside the first duplicate and must be legitimized. If records are attracted up dialects other than German, authorized interpretations must be included. Interpretations done abroad need to likewise be legitimized. 

Colleges of the arts and UAS degree programs regularly do not require proof explicit college entrance qualification; rather, forthcoming understudies need to pass a placement test or produce information about professional capability. Data about the requirements is accessible from the colleges of the arts, the colleges of integrated sciences and UAS degree programs. 

On the off chance that all essentials are met, the educational organization will send the notification of confirmation or the invitation to sit a selection test to the location indicated by the candidate. Understudies might be conceded as certificate program understudies or if advantageous assessments are required and on account of college educational classes/college-level courses as non-qualification program understudies. 

Final Words 

We would like to suggest you to deliberately pick a foundation that offers backing to get familiar with the language through courses intended for international understudies. These courses, for the most part, occur around one month before the beginning of your studies and they enable you to quickly comprehend the fundamentals of the language and even become more acquainted with the way of life and society of your new residence. 

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