TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship for US and Canada Students

The TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship 2020 (also known as the TYLENOL Scholarship Program) is unique in that these scholarships are available to applicants from all over the world, both undergraduates and graduates. Forty scholarships are reserved for students in the United States and Canada, with varying amounts.

The TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship began in 1982 with the sponsorship of McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the makers of TYLENOL. This is one of the well-known scholarship programs for those students enrolled in healthcare education including medicine, nursing, pharmacology, laboratory sciences, microbiology, physiotherapy, hospital administration and healthcare management. Students enrolled in Master’s degree programs in healthcare, including the Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH), may also apply for the TYLENOL Scholarship Program.

TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship 2020
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TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship Overview

Currently, the TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship 2020 awards $250,000 in scholarships every year to students pursuing careers in health care around the world and in the USA. The TYLENOL makers award 10 grants worth $10,000 each, followed by 30 grants worth $5,000 each. A further 150 scholarships valued at $1,000 are reserved for students taking part in community service activities. Applicants are judged on academic performance and leadership qualities. Any accredited university or college in the United States can use this scholarship program.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship 2020:

  • Be a resident of the 50 United States, Puerto Rico or the District of Columbia.
  • Cannot be an employee of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division, or ISTS Inc., as well as any of their affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, or families.
  • Employees of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division, ISTS, Inc., their affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies and the families of each are not eligible.
  • If the applicant is a graduate student: must provide proof of enrollment to a graduate program in health education, medical school, public health, nursing, and/or pharmacy degree program.
  • If the applicant is an undergraduate student: must have completed at least one year of undergraduate course study by the Spring of 2019 at an accredited two or four-year college, university or vocational-technical school.
  • Must be pursuing healthcare-related degrees.
  • Must have one or more years of school remaining.
  • Scholarships will be awarded to students and practitioners who are seeking a degree to actively treat patients.
  • You must provide proof of enrollment to health education, medical school, public health, nursing, and/or pharmacy degree program.
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If you meet all the criteria set out above, you are on the good place to submit a successful application for the scholarship.


The TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship 2020, unlike many other academic scholarships, is not need-based. That means you will not be required to submit any financial information for consideration. To apply for the scholarship no additional documents is required. Semifinalists will be required to give the following supporting documentation:

  1. College/University and/or Graduate School Transcript
  2. Photograph (professional headshot preferred)

How to Apply

To access the online application for a TYLENOL Scholarship, you will need to go to the following website to apply and locate the current TYLENOL Scholarship Application page on https://www.tylenol.com/news/scholarship.

If you have already created an account, go directly to the TYLENOL Scholarship Login page using the link below: Log In to Apply

To complete the application:

  1. Complete all the required fields on the online form.
  2. Click the Submit button on the Save/Submit page after you have finished completing all the required fields.

For this application, no document uploads are required but if you are selected as a Semi-Finalist, a transcript and a photo will be considered necessary.

If a scholarship is awarded to you, a check will be sent to your school at your postal address. It is your responsibility to then take that check to your school’s appropriate office. Scholarship funds may apply to tuition, fees, books, supplies, or classroom equipment.

Closing Date

The application for TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship 2020 will be closed at July 30, 2020 at 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

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Success Tips

TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship 2020 applications will be evaluated by an independent selection committee and the recipients selected based on the following factors:

  • Academic records in medical school, nursing, and/or pharmacy
  • College GPA
  • Community involvement and/or volunteer service
  • Essay content

In the following sections, when addressing each application component, we will discuss the best approaches for increasing your scholarship acceptance chances.

Academic Records

A focus on your academic studies and overall performance is one of the best ways to improve your chances of winning the TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship 2020 as an undergraduate or graduate student. If you’re a high achiever, you’re going to be a strong applicant not just for the TYLENOL Scholarship Program but also for other merit-based scholarships, graduate programs and even future jobs.

College GPA

In one of your essays, if you have experienced any hardships or extenuating circumstances that have negatively affected your GPA, come up with a thoughtful way to explain those situations. This will be particularly effective if you frame a suffering as a motivating factor in your career path.

For example, if you have experienced an illness or injury that has prevented you from performing academically at your best, explain how that challenge consequently influenced your career choices.

Community Involvement & Volunteer Service

It’s clear that the best applicants will be those devoted solely to service — that is, helping others — as specialists or providers in professional healthcare. Before you actually start a health care career, one way to focus your dedication to service is to engage in the relevant volunteer work and/or community involvement.

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If you are applying for medical school or have already applied for it, chances are you have some volunteer experience related to health care on your resume.

Essay Content

All applicants will be required to submit two 300-word essays and one 100-word essay that focuses on their career objectives. Past Tylenol Future Care Scholarship winners have been able to articulate by compelling, logical narratives why and how they became interested in health care.

You’ll have your own reasons to pursue medical education and a career. As long as you’re genuine in your three essays, you’ll find yourself to be likable and authentic.

Here are some tips for approaching your essays: how to write a good scholarship essay.

Contact Person

For direct assistance, you can also email the TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship 2020 committee at Tylenol@applyISTS.com or call them toll-free at (866) 851-4275.

Link to Official Website

TYLENOL Future Care Scholarship website: https://www.tylenol.com/news/scholarship

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