7 Pharmacy Scholarships for International Students

As there is currently a shortage of pharmacists to keep up with the increased demand for patient services and increasing number of prescriptions filled each year, many universities are offering students pharmacy scholarships to help promote qualified individuals to fulfill open field positions. Along with years of schooling and challenging coursework, pharmacy school involves steep tuition bills that most students can not afford to pay alone. Fortunately, the following are 7 of the most generous scholarships specifically available to pharmacy students to reduce the financial strain of achieving their fulfilling career goals as a pharmacist.

Pharmacy Scholarships
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But before we find out what are the most generous pharmacy scholarships for international students, let’s first discuss the reasons why a career path in pharmacy may be right for you.

Reasons to Attend Pharmacy School

Earning a degree in pharmacy school requires you to apply your intelligence, broaden your horizons and challenge new ones. To succeed you will need an unquenchable curiosity and a strong academic background with solid math and science grounding. But if you have what it takes, you will find that the pharmacy field offers you not only monetary gains but also rigorous coursework worth a whole career that helps make life better for the people you serve.

Consistent growth in professional knowledge

A licensing requirement is that all pharmacists must meet a compulsory state requirement for Continuing Education credits. This makes sure that all pharmacists stay familiar with new treatment guidelines and recent approved medications for treatment. Many employers help finance meeting this educational requirement by supporting professional meeting attendance.

Create a difference

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Many people in the health service have come to rely on retail pharmacists as their first line of protection. Community pharmacists provide health information and advice to their patients, direct them where necessary to other sources of health care, and administer immunizations, screenings, and management for conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Pharmacists develop future medicines in clinical research settings to fight disease and instability. Experienced pharmacists at universities educate and train future generations of the field.

Diversity of career options

Within the pharmacy field the variety of career opportunities is very diversified. While most pharmacists (45%) operate in an independent retail pharmacy or chain store, many others have discovered new opportunities for themselves or created new ones. Various pharmacist healthcare environments include, but are not restricted to, managed care organizations, hospitals, nursing homes, the pharmaceutical industry, colleges, and the federal state. Pharmacists are engaged in direct patient care, research and advancing our profession as part of the legislative process. Pharmacists in all aspects of the healthcare system play key leadership roles.

Top Pharmacy Scholarships for International Students

Today we made a list of pharmacy scholarships that can help you make your dreams come true. The scholarships mentioned below are provided by various organizations, foundations, and colleges or universities. The following pharmacy scholarships are available for international students. So, go seize the opportunity now and check out our complete list to find out which scholarship is available for you!

  1. University of Queensland Australia International Pharmacy Scholarships: There are several of these scholarships awarded each year, one each to the highest achieving student from Republic Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic. The UQ Pharmacy School offers a $3000 scholarships to be paid during the 1st semester of study to a student who through previous study enrols directly into the 2nd year of the Bachelor of Pharmacy. Allocation is based on academic achievement. All eligible applicants are considered automatically (no application form required).
  2. Monash University Pharmacy International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship: Monash University offers a scholarship for an international student wishing to study pharmacy. It is only awarded to the highest-achieving students, based on academic achievement. The two highest achieving students are granted 50% of tuition fees paid per year until the minimum credit points for your degree are completed. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be commencing undergraduate student in either the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) or Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)/Master of Pharmacy at a Monash Campus in Australia. International student are advised to have an overseas qualification at the time of application, or an offshore applicant with an Australian qualification who has not applied for a course through VTAC.
  3. Griffith University Master of Pharmacy Scholarships: These scholarships will be offered to students entering the Master of Pharmacy program. Scholarship is valued at $30,000 in total and is for tuition fees only. Six deductions of $5,000 will be applied in each trimester of the program, up to a maximum of two years totalling $30,000. It will be applied after the Griffith University census date. Students must be enrolled full-time (40CP), unless credit prevents full-time enrolment. No application is required. Griffith International will identify eligible students at the time of assessment for entry into the Master of Pharmacy. To be eligible students must be a citizen or permanent resident of a country other than Australia or New Zealand.
  4. USC School of Pharmacy Dean’s Pharmaceutical Sciences Scholarships: The University of South California School of Pharmacy is offering merit-based scholarships for highly-qualified international Master’s students. A one time awards of $5,000+ is open to international students pursuing any of its full-time Master’s degrees in Regulatory Science, Pharmaceutical and Translational Sciences, or Healthcare Decision Analysis. All international student applicants meeting eligibility requirements will automatically be considered for a scholarship.
  5. Howard University Armstrong/Walker Scholarship: The requirements are generic, the committee designated this award to International students in good academic standing who demonstrated need. Students had to have at least a 3.0 cumulative to be awarded.
  6. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Merit Scholarships: MCPHS University aspires to enroll students who have outstanding ability, academic promise, and a passion for healthcare. It recognizes that a college education is one of the most important investments a student will make in his/her lifetime. To this end, the university’s merit award program helps put an MCPHS University education within reach to qualified first-year applicants. It is not necessary to submit a separate application for consideration; all applicants will be reviewed for merit at time of acceptance.
  7. RCSI International Pharmacy Scholarship: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland offers a number of International Pharmacy Scholarships for Malaysian citizens who successfully apply to the college’s five-year Pharmacy (MPharm) program. The scholarship offers a 50% reduction in fees, meaning the balance of tuition fees liable by the student is €12,500 per annum. If successful, applicants will be required to acknowledge the support provided by the scholarship program in presentations or publications, and act as Student Ambassadors to encourage future students to apply for the scholarship.
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A Shortcut to be a Pharmacy Technician

Pursue a pharmacy study in a college/medical school needs a lot of money and spends a long of time. But there is an alternative when you want to be a pharmacy technician with less of money and time spending. We are happy to let you know this alternative, so everyone can be a pharmacy technician.

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