The Uppsala University Global Scholarship for International Students

uppsala global scholarship

Uppsala University, the first university in Sweden and the entire Scandinavian region, was established in 1477. With a rich history, it has built a formidable academic reputation and made significant contributions to global research and publications.

Current Rankings and Reputation

As of the latest data, Uppsala University is ranked 102nd in the Times Higher Education ranking. It also holds a prestigious position as the 81st to 90th World Reputation Ranking university in 2019. Furthermore, it stands as one of the world’s premier research universities. While most undergraduate programs at the university are conducted in Swedish, several postgraduate courses are offered in English.

Diverse Academic Offerings

Uppsala University comprises nine faculties offering over 30 different fields of study. The institution currently boasts an enrollment of more than 45,000 students, including approximately 12% international students, fostering a vibrant cultural and academic exchange. The university maintains strong strategic collaborations with other globally renowned institutions and facilitates international exchange programs with around 500 universities worldwide.

Multifaceted Campuses and Cultural Treasures

Uppsala University operates across several campuses, including the Biomedical Centre, one of Europe’s largest for life sciences, situated on a former military base. It is also close to Gotland, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its picturesque beaches. The university campus houses botanical gardens that preserve an authentic 18th-century environment, making them the oldest in Sweden.

The university is home to a wealth of cultural, artistic, and scientific collections. The Museum of Evolution, with its staggering 5 million natural history specimens, features fossils, minerals, animals, and plants. Additionally, the University has the Museum Gustavianum, showcasing historical collections, including artifacts dating back to the Viking period.

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Distinguished Scholars and Nobel Laureates

Throughout its illustrious history, Uppsala University has nurtured numerous prominent scholars. Carl Linnaeus, an 18th-century Uppsala professor, is famous for creating the system for classifying nature still in use today. Anders Celsius, an astronomy professor, devised the Celsius temperature scale.

In more contemporary times, Niklas Zennström, the founder of Skype, emerged from Uppsala University. Furthermore, eight Nobel Prize laureates are associated with the institution, solidifying its global impact. The extensive network of alumni spans various professional, academic, and entrepreneurial fields worldwide.

Uppsala University offers the Global Scholarships exclusively for international students pursuing Master’s degree programs.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Uppsala University Global Scholarship program for the 2024/2025 academic year, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Citizenship outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland.
  • Demonstrate strong academic potential and a keen interest in pursuing an educational journey.
  • Select a Uppsala University Master’s program as their first priority during the application.
  • Apply for the Master’s program before the University Admissions deadline.
  • Meet the entry requirements for their chosen program and pay the application fee.
  • Ensure the program is delivered on-campus as the scholarship is not available for distance learning or programs taught at other universities outside Sweden.

Necessary Documentation

Applicants must prepare and upload specific documents when applying for all Master’s degree programs, including:

  • Certificates and diplomas from their completed degrees, issued by internationally recognized higher education institutions.
  • Official transcripts detailing courses and grades for each semester of their degree.
  • Proof of English language proficiency, usually equivalent to English 6, unless otherwise specified.
  • Documentation demonstrating that they meet specific entry requirements for their chosen program.
  • A copy of their passport or identification document with personal data and photograph.
  • The application ID from
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Application Procedure and Deadlines

The application period for the Uppsala University Global Scholarships is typically open from January 16 to February 3 each year. Here are the steps for applying:

  • Submit an online scholarship application within the specified dates.
  • No application fee is required for Uppsala University scholarships.
  • Applicants must specify which scholarship(s) they are applying for and provide a motivation statement within 350 words.
  • The scholarship application must be submitted before the stated deadline.

Terms and Conditions

Applicants should carefully review the terms and conditions of the Uppsala Global Scholarship program on the official website. Prospective applicants should not apply for the scholarship if they:

  • Do not meet the entry requirements for admission to Uppsala University.
  • Have not selected a Uppsala University program as their first choice in their application at
  • Cannot secure the necessary funding to cover their cost of living, as required by the Swedish Migration Agency.

Selection Process

Uppsala University’s Global scholarships for tuition-paying students are awarded based on merit. Selection is based on academic performance, as evidenced by supporting documents submitted during the application for Master’s or Bachelor’s studies. The written motivation in the scholarship application is also taken into account, with financial need not considered.


For inquiries about scholarship applications, please contact The university aims to respond to questions promptly, preferably via email, but arrangements for phone calls can be made as needed.

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