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About Uppsala University

Historically, Uppsala University was the first university in Sweden and in Scandinavia region as well. Founded in 1477, the university possess strong academic reputation and prominent research and publication in the world.

Currently, Uppsala ranked 102 according to Times Higher Education ranking. It is also among 81-90th World Reputation Ranking university in 2019. Uppsala is also one of the best research universities in the world. Most undergraduate degrees at the university are taught in Swedish, although a few courses, mainly at postgraduate level, are taught in English.

Uppsala University has 9 faculties with more than 30 different fields of studies. Currently, Uppsala has over 45,000 students enrolled. With around 12% international students, the university is a melting pot for different cultural and academic interaction. Uppsala University works and collaborates strong strategic cooperation with other world-renowned universities. It also organizes international exchange programmes with around 500 universities in the world.

As a multi-campus university, Uppsala comprises site like the Biomedical Centre It is one of Europe’s largest for life sciences, located on an old military base. Uppsala University is closed to Gotland. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is also a famous Swedish tourists holiday destination. It offers miles of beautiful and picturesque beaches. Uppsala University also comprise botanical gardens preserving an authentic 18th century environment. These botanical gardens are the Swedish country oldest gardens.

Uppsala is also famous for the house of distinguished collections of cultural, artistic and scientific interest. The Museum of Evolution is famous for its 5 million specimens of natural history. The collections consist of fossils, minerals, animals, and plants. The Uppsala University also has the Museum Gustavianum, having wide arrays of historical collection including artefacts from as old as the Viking period.

The university’s long history has given rise to a multitude of prominent scholars, including Carl Linnaeus, an 18th century Uppsala professor who created the system for classifying nature that’s still in use today, and Anders Celsius, an astronomy professor, who devised the Celsius temperature scale.

The most contemporary figure from Uppsala University is Niklas Zennström. He is famous as the founder of Skype. There were also Eight Nobel Prize winners are associated with the Uppsala University. And network of worldwide alumni from every aspect of professional, academic, and entrepreneur profession.

The Uppsala University Global Scholarships

The Uppsala University Global Scholarships is the scholarship scheme for international students. It is only offered for Master degree program.

Level of study: Master’s programmes

Eligibility Criteria

Please read the following eligible criteria as applicants of Uppsala University Global Scholarship program for 2020/2021 academic year.

  1. Citizens of a country outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland.
  2. Applicants must demonstrate good academic talent and show interest in belonging to an educational endeavor
  3. Applicants can only be awarded a Uppsala University Global Scholarship if a programme at Uppsala University is chosen as their first priority
  4. Applicants must first have applied for the Master’s programme before the University Admissions deadline
  5. Prospective applicants must meet the entrance requirements for the programme they apply to and pay application fee
  6. Prospective applicants should upload supporting documents and they must have been received before the deadline to University Admissions
  7. The programme must be delivered on campus. The scholarship is not available for distance learning programmes or programmes partially taught at other universities outside Sweden.

Necessary Documentation

There are few documents you should prepare and upload at the application website. Here are the documents required for all Master’s degree applicants.

Please note, do not submit documents that are not listed here, unless they are required by the university to which applicants are applying.

  1. Certificates and diplomas of completed degree(s) from respective country/countries of study. The universities where applicants studied must be internationally recognised higher education institutions. When uploading, be sure to scan officially issued documents in colour.
  2. Prospective applicants must always submit their documents in the official language of the country where he or she studied. If this language is not Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or English, he or she must also provide an official translation. This translation should be in Swedish or English
  3. Transcripts of completed courses and grades for each semester included in applicants’ degree. If prospective applicants have had courses credited/transferred from previous studies, he or she must also submit official transcripts for those courses.
  4. Applicant must always submit their documents in the official language of the country where he or she studied. If this language is not Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or English, applicants must also provide an official translation. This translation should be in Swedish or English.
  5. If applicants submit copies of your documents via regular post, they must be certified true copies of these documents. When uploading, be sure to scan officially issued documents in colour.
  6. Prospective applicants should upload proof of English language proficiency. For most master’s level courses and programmes, the language requirement score is equivalent of English 6, though a few may require a lower or higher level of English.
  7. Proof documentation that prospective applicants should meet the specific entry requirements. Please check the university’s website for information regarding the specific entry requirements for the course or programme applicants have applied to.
  8. In order to speed up the processing of your application, we require a copy of the page in your passport with your personal data and photograph, or some other identification document.
  9. No extra documents need to be sent. The university will use documentation you submit with your programme application on
  10. Prospective applicants application ID from must be noted on the scholarship application form.

Application Procedure

The application procedure period will be around 16 January to 3 February 2020. Therefore, the application procedure takes the following steps:

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  1. Submit an online scholarship application between 16 January and 3 February 2020
  2. After the application period for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes closes, the application period for scholarships opens.
  3. There is no application fee when applying for Uppsala University’s scholarships.
  4. You must also submit an online scholarship application in order to be considered for a scholarship.
  5. You may apply for more than one scholarship provided that you meet the criteria, however, it is only possible to be awarded one scholarship from Uppsala University.
  6. You are not required to submit any documents, such as reference letters, when applying for a scholarship through Uppsala University.


  1. In the online scholarship application form you must state your personal details, the Bachelor’s or Master’s programme at Uppsala University that you applied for as your first priority, and your application ID number from
  2. For master’s admissions, universities decide what the criteria are when assigning a merit rating. Examples of what may be considered are: Number of previous university credits, and Previous grades. And other requested documentation, such as essays, motivation letters, etc.
  3. You must also specify which scholarship or scholarships you are applying for, and write a motivation for why you should be awarded the scholarship
  4. For information about what the criteria are for the programme you’ve applied for, see the course description page on the university’s website
  5. Your motivation should not exceed 350 words and should reflect the criteria of the scholarship.
  6. Please submit your scholarship application in before aforementioned deadline time. We do not accept late applications.

Term and Condition

  1. Read the following term and condition for the Uppsala Global Scholarship. Read carefully and for further information, please refer to the website. Please do not apply for a scholarship if prospective applicants:
  2. Do not meet the entry requirements for admission to Uppsala University
  3. Have not selected a programme at Uppsala University as your first choice in your application at
  4. Cannot secure the funding needed to cover your cost of living, as required by the Swedish Migration Agency, even if you are awarded a scholarship

Selection Process

  1. Uppsala University’s Global scholarships for tuition liable students are based on merit-based . It is awarded to academically talented students who show an interest in belonging to an educational milieu.
  2. Information about prospective applicants academic performance is taken from the supporting documents he or she submits when applying to Master’s or Bachelor’s studies.
  3. The written motivation in your online scholarship application is also taken into account. When selecting scholarship recipients, financial need will not be taken into consideration.
  4. The scholarship selection process will be undertaken in parallel with the programme selection process.
  5. To receive entrance to the programme, and be granted a scholarship, students must meet all general and programme-specific entry requirements.
  6. The application fee for the Bachelor’s or Master’s programme must have been paid to
  7. All required supporting documents must have been received and uploaded before the aforementioned application deadline.
  8. Students who submit incomplete applications or do not apply in time will not be considered for scholarships at Uppsala University.

The scholarship will only cover the cost of tuition. The scholarship does not cover living expenses. This applies to the granted studies at Uppsala University Master’s programmes offered during the current admission round and commencing 31 August 2020.


If you have any questions about applying for a scholarship, please contact

The University of Uppsala will as soon as possible answer your questions preferably by email, but if applicants need to speak with us, please send an email, and the staff will agree on a time when applicants can talk with us on the phone.

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