ETEA Medical and Engineering Test for Pakistan Students

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What is ETEA

The Education Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA) is an organization engaged in the education sector provided by the Government of Kyber Pakhtunkhwa. This educational entity was established in November 1988. Supervised by a Board of Governors, ETEA aims to carry out tests in the medical and engineering fields.

Initially, ETEA was established to carry out administration of the Entrance Test for admission to educational institutions in the field of Medical and Engineering at the provincial level in lieu of external testing agencies. However, the scope of activities and objectives of ETEA has been expanded beyond mere Entrance Tests. In short, ETEA has begun to reform the testing and examination system that uses its electronic facilities to bring efficiency, objectivity and transparency to each test carried out.

How to Apply ETEA Test

There are two paths that can be taken by candidates who aspire to apply for admission to register for the ETEA test. These two procedures are distinguished based on the scientific domain to be addressed, whether it’s medical or engineering.

For applicants who wish to continue their education to medical school, students need to fill out an application form available online on the official website of Khyber Medical University (KMU) at Students will be able to receive a scratch card for a medical entrance test of Rs. 1600 from the respective bank after completing the previous procedure.

You can check for announcements about the periodic opening of admissions both in leading newspapers and the official KMU website. Admission is held once a year. The availability dates of the admission and prospectus forms, the dates of submission, interview to the admission test schedule are all listed in detail on the admission announcement board at KMU. You can find the schedule printed on advertisements or uploaded online on the KMU official site. All information regarding the ETEA test for KMU is available on the official KMU website which you can access at any time.

Meanwhile, for candidates who wish to enroll in Engineering programs, students will be recommended to attend admission at the University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar (UET). To get admission at the Bachelor level, participants must attend the ETEA test before registering for admission. If candidates are declared selected for the Merit Register, they are required to attend the admission interview to complete the entire registration process. For candidates at Master degree, they must be declared legally qualified on the ETEA test with a score of at least 50%. If they succeed in getting these results, participants immediately register themselves online for admission. Then, participants will participate in the Pass Departmental Subject selection. Once they are subjected to pass at this stage, the names of the participants will be recorded in the Merit Register and subsequently are welcome to register in the available courses.

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Information about the ETEA test for UET can be accessed at (for a Bachelor’s degree) and (for a Master’s degree). In addition, prospective participants can also register to participate in the admission process at (for a Bachelor’s degree) and (for Masters). The ETEA test fee that will be charged to candidates is Rs. 2500 / – (test fees aren’t transferable and refundable).

On the day of the test students are requested to bring the following:

ID cards provided by respective institutions or ETEA as proof that students have been registered as valid participants

Thin Tip Black Marker

Clipboard to hold the Answer Sheet

The number of questions to be answered is 200, all of them are mandatory and without exception students must work on them. To understand the full conditions of the ETEA test, visit the link at

ETEA Results

ETEA test results can be checked online or manually. Students who have registered for the ETEA entrance test can find out their results after the ETEA has officially confirmed and made an announcement regarding the results of the entrance test. Students registered with this education body can check the results online at Be sure to check the page regularly to find out the test results as soon as possible. To check the results manually, ETEA will send the results of the exam that is sent to each candidate by mail at the address registered in the system. The best thing about the ETEA test is that the test results will be announced a maximum of 24 hours after the entrance test is carried out.

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Roll No. Slips

Roll no slips for the ETEA entrance test are being issued by the ETEA for candidates who have registered for the admission entrance test. Checks can be made online and downloaded through the ETEA official site at


Students are eligible to take the ETEA test if:

  • Securing 60% of average scores in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects at the educational level being pursued.
  • Are students of the Federal Board and A-Levels
  • Has taken admission on MBBS / BDS
  • Holders of domicile from K-P, AJK and G-B (for ETEA medical entrance tests)

Selection Criteria

Your merit for admission is calculated based on three categories, namely Matriculation, Intermediate, and ETEA Test.

  1. The score from the Matriculation exam or college entrance exam is taken as 10%.
  2. Score from high school or Intermediate certificates is taken as much as 40%.
  3. The score from the ETEA test holds the highest calculation of 50%.

Success Tips

Since not a few ETEA test takers have to endure the disappointment of failing to pass this test, there are several successful tips that you can consider before taking the test.

  1. Learn from the exercise books labeled ‘ETEA’ and familiarize yourself with the types of questions to be tested. ETEA uses multiple choice questions. This will help you prepare for the actual test through routine exercises.
  2. Make good study habits by practicing from past problems and papers regularly.
  3. Memorize important information from your Medical and Engineering books.
  4. In the first and second year, you should focus on preparing for the board exam instead. As you know, the exam has a 40% share in the final grade calculation. Start preparing for the ETEA test from the third year.
  5. Make a study plan for practicing test questions.
  6. Understand each chapter in the practice book well and read the information for several times. Try to do the exercises through multiple choice questions from ETEA and pre-tests.
  7. To improve your English skills, practice by reading newspapers and text books in English. This will be very useful to help you answer the questions tested in the ETEA test.
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Contact Information

You can contact the official board of ETEA through the following contact information.

  • Address: Phase 7, Sector E-8, Street 13, Plot no 22 near Hajj Complex Hayatabad, Peshawar
  • Telephone number: (+92 91) 9219049, (+92 91) 9219078
  • Office hours are 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
  • Official website can be accessed via

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