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Scholarships in Turkey 2019: Turkiye Burslari and More

Turkey is a country that has up to 90% predominantly Muslim citizen and located between Asia and Europe. Turkey has a rich story with interesting cultural mixing between European and Asian culture, Turkey also has 17 registered UNESCO world heritage site that makes it one of tourist favorite destination to visit.

Turkey has a total 167 Universities throughout the country, which some are Public Universities and the other held by a private body. The tuition for public University is relatively low because of the subsidy from the Turkish Government, while the private Universities has more expensive tuition compare to the public one. Not to mention the quality of the Universities are greatly varied some are on par with the famous international Universities and their engineering programs are considered on par with the programs in the US.

international scholarships in turkey

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Turkiye Burslari Scholarships

Turkiye Burslari Scholarships is an international scholarship offered by Turkish government to attract more international students to study and experience Turkish culture. The scholarships are provided for international students from all countries to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Turkish Universities.

The scholarship grants the selected students with tuition fee coverage, health insurance, airways return ticket, accommodation, one year Turkish Language course and monthly stipends 700 TL for full-time Bachelor’s programs, 950 TL for full-time Master’s programs, and 1400 TL for full-time Ph.D.’s programs.

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For selected students who are taking part in short-term programs will be provided with a monthly stipends 440 TL for Bachelor. 590 TL for Master, and 880 TL for Ph.D.’s programs.

The Eligibility and Requirements

Non-Turkish Nationality, no more than 21 years old for undergraduate programs, 30 for Master, and 35 for Ph.D.’s programs and have minimum academic achievement marks of 70% for Undergraduate and 75% for Master.


All the application process is submitted through the Turkiye Burslari online application portal the application process is free and should be avoided to pay any fees to any institution or individual that offers service for the application. The legitimate application can only be done individually and only online application through the Turkiye Burslari online application portal will be accepted.

The applicants must prepare the following documents;

  • Valid Passport
  • Recent Photo
  • National Exam score
  • Diploma or equivalent graduate certificates
  • International Exam scores (depend on which Turkish University the recipient will be placed)
  • Language Proficiency certificates (depend on the Universities policy)
  • Research Proposal (Ph.D. only)

The applicants must submit their application before 20 February 2019  and you can learn more about The Turkiye Burslari scholarship program here.

International Scholarship at Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul Aydin University is one of private University in Turkey that accommodate ten faculties studies for its students to chose from.

Istanbul Aydin University offers international scholarship programs to helps its students with a certain financial situation based on academic their achievements while studying at Istanbul Aydin University.

The Eligibility and Requirements

The eligible participants of this scholarship program are international student who is in need of financial supports and already enrolled at Istanbul Aydin University. The student is expected to have GPA above 2.50 as the requirements applying for the scholarship and completed one study terms at Istanbul Aydin University

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To apply the students must prepare the following documents;

  • Application Form
  • Transcript GPA records
  • Cover Letter
  • Reference letter
  • Passport foto

The student must apply through Istanbul Aydin students portal and upload the required documents needed for the application process, to learn more about  Istanbul Aydin Scholarship check here.

Koc Graduate Scholarship

Koc University is non-profit private University and ranked highest in Turkey higher education in 2016 and considered prestigious Universty in Turkey

Koc Graduate Scholarship for school health and sciences offers the scholarship to selected Master and Ph.D. students at Koc University. The scholarship will grants to selected candidates with tuition fees waiver, Housing aid, private health insurance, and monthly stipends 2000 TL for Ph.D. students plus meal card and 1150TL for Master student.

The Eligibility and Requirements

All Master and Ph.D. Koc University students who have excellent academic records and actively contribute to scientific development at Koc University.


To apply the applicants must submit their applications Koc University online portal and prepare the following document for admission process;

  • CV
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Transcript and GPA
  • English Proficiency TOEFL/IELTS
  • GRE or GMAT
  • Referee contact detail

Follow the guideline application for the graduate program and to learn more about the Koc Graduate scholarship here.

Al Ghurair STEM Scholarship at Koc University

Al Ghurair foundation is a charity education Program based in Dubai to supports Emirati students and youth students in Arab region.

The scholarship offered for the students in the Arab region that study full-time undergraduate and Graduate programs in Science and Engineering related fields. The scholarship covered 100% of the tuition fee, Airway Ticket, Monthly stipends and other benefits.

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The Eligibility and Requirements

Promising Emirati and students from the Arab region, no more than 30 years old by the time of application, had achieved 85% marks for an undergraduate program or GPA 3.0 for a graduate program.


To apply you must first complete the admission at Koc University or already enrolled at Koc University you can inquire more via the following email address; You can visit Koc-Al Ghurair scholarship page or visit direct Al Ghurair STEM scholarship page

Koc University Ghana Graduate Scholarship

The scholarship program signed between Koc University and Ghana’s Government in September 2018 to support Ghana students in pursuing their graduate degree.

The scholarship provided for 30 Ghana students with free tuition fee, housing, monthly living expenses, airways ticket, book, and research allowance.

The Eligibility and Requirements

Highest achiever Ghana students that are committed  to finishing the following study programs;

  • 2-year full-time Master program with thesis
  • 1-year full-time Master program without thesis
  • 4-year full-time Ph.D. program in all Koc graduate institutions.


To apply the applicants must submit the required documents to The Ghana scholarship secretariat website and the selected candidates will be informed to apply for admission at Koc University. The important documents that need to be prepared for any international students for graduate programs are TOEFL and GRE, without both required documents the application will not be processed by the Koc University Admission team.

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