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About KU Leuven

The Kahtolieke Universiteit Leuven, commonly referred to as KU Leuven, is a university that is based in the city of Leuven, Belgium. Uniquely, the city of Leuven is a Dutch-speaking town, hence the university’s Dutch name. Regarded as one of the world’s best universities, with a ranking of 48 by Times Higher Education and 80 by the QS World University Rankings, this institution has a lot to offer. Mainly focusing on the fields of natural sciences, as well as other disciplines such as humanities, law, medicine, social sciences, and engineering, there is a course that’s tailor-made for anyone who’s planning to enroll in this university.

ku Leuven scholarships

At KU Leuven, students will experience an educational curriculum that possesses the burning spirit of teaching and research. With a total of 15 faculties, KU Leuven makes sure that each of these fields of studies are given the same amount of attention and importance. This is to ensure that all of their current and incoming students are given equal room to flourish in their academic paths, no matter what subject of discipline they wish to pursue. It’s no surprise that KU Leuven some of the best graduates in Europe – the university has even been voted as the continent’s most innovative university by Reuters, for a period of four years in a row!

About Science@Leuven Scholarships

KU Leuven is currently providing a once-in-a-lifetime  opportunity for scholars to pursue their academic dreams in the university: Science@Leuven Scholarships. This scholarship program is designed for students who are planning to study in KU Leuven’s Faculty of Science. Most of the degree programmes catered by the Science@Leuven Scholarship are for Master’s degrees. In addition, there are a list of Master’s degree programmes that this scholarship is eligible for, such as:

  • Master of Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Master of Biology
  • Master of Biophysics, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • Master of Chemistry
  • Master of Geography
  • Interuniversity Master of Geology
  • Master of Mathematics
  • Master of Physics
  • Master of Statistics
  • Erasmus Mundus Master of Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Sustainable and Territorial Development

Scholars are allowed to receive the scholarship under the condition that they enroll to KU Leuven with one or two of these Master’s degree programs. In addition, this scholarship is mainly prioritized for international students coming from all over the globe. Please make sure that you will are from outside the country and is already having plans to pursue any of these aforementioned Master’s degree programmes.

Program Value

The Science@Leuven Scholarships is offering financial funding for well-deserving students who have excelled in their academic careers as well as display potential as a fellow researcher. The financial benefits provided by the scholarship itself is up to approximately 10.000 Euros for a period of 1 year. However, this amount can change, depending on the Science@Leuven policies and budget that has been set out for they specific year. Nevertheless, even though it is regarded as partial funding, the scholarship is usually enough to provide full coverage for tuition fees (over the course of 1 academic year), basic health insurance, and other important fees as well.

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However, it is still highly recommended that all candidates are to prepare extra money to fund their studies in KU Leuven as the scholarship may not be able to cover other personal expenses. To get a full idea of how much it will cost you to pursue a Master’s degree in KU Leuven, you can access this link provided here. However, there are good news regarding the scholarships. As the Master’s programme in KU Leuven on average lasts for a period of two years, candidates may be entitled to the same scholarship for their second year of Master’s degree studies – provided that they are able to maintain an outstanding academic track records during their first Master’s degree year.


Before you can apply for the Science@Leuven Scholarships, you will be required to fulfill these set of criteria to ensure that you are eligible enough for the programme. Should you not be able to meet all of these eligibility criteria, your application is prone to rejection. This is due to the reason that once you are accepted for the scholarship, you will be asked to sign an agreement that stipulates these following terms and conditions of the scholarships.

The Science@Leuven Scholarships eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Candidates have not pursued their studies or have been employed by the University of Leuven.
  • Candidates have pursued their previous Bachelor’s degree in an overseas university, and therefore, is eligible to sign up for a Master’s degree in the University of Leuven.
  • Candidates does not have a Master’s degree or a PhD Degree yet.
  • Candidates are proven to attain remarkable results during their previous studies.
  • Candidate have proof of fluency in both written and spoken English (e.g. TOELF/IELTS results.)
  • Candidates must display a high level of motivation and passion in earning enrolling for a Master’s degree programme at KU Leuven’s Faculty of Science.
  • Candidate will be more than willing to become the ambassadors of the scholarship programme.
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In addition to the eligibility criteria, all candidates must also refer to the Science@Leuven Scholarships requirements in order to have their applications successful. These requirements are just as important as the eligibility criteria, therefore, these items must also be given the same amount of attention and importance as well. Should any of the requirements not be fulfilled, it could cause disadvantageous consequences to their future scholarship applications. Below are the Science@Leuven Scholarships requirements:

  • All candidates must go through the enrollment procedure of their respective Master’s Degree programmes of their wishes. Please refer to the list of available programmes that have been mentioned above in this articles.
  • All candidates are required to submit in their complete files, which will then be assessed to see if they have made it through the first round.
  • All candidates must be ready to be ranked by their respective programme directors.
  • All shortlisted candidates must available for a Skype interview conducted by the scholarship committee.
  • All selected candidates who have been awarded by the programme must agree to the decided scholarship amount they will receive.

How to Apply

Now that you’re all prepped up for the Science@Leuven Scholarships, it’s finally high time to begin with your application procedures. As a pre-caution, all applications will be conducted online through the KU Leuven server. Kindly make sure that your Internet good to go before you start on your applications. The application procedure for the Science@Leuven Scholarships are as listed below:

  1. Apply for the Master’s degree programme that you have chosen by accessing through the KU Leuven application tool. For clearer instructions regarding the application tool, you can access this instructions page here.
  2. Upload these items on the KU Leuven application tool:
    1. A complete academic track as well as the explanation of the results you have received during your previous study.
    2. A one half to one page description about the Master’s degree programme that you plan to pursue and why it is relevant to you.
    3. Two reference letter provided by internationally-acknowledged professors.
    4. A letter of motivation that explains why you would like to be part of this programme.
  3. Once you have finished with your application, all you have to do now is submit it. By the time you have sent it in, you should have receive a pop-up message on the screen telling you that your application has been successfully submitted.
  4. Crucial Part: Do not close the message yet. Please take a screen shot of it. The screen shot will then be uploaded as you register for a Science@Leuven Scholarships programme.
  5. Start your Science@Leuven Scholarships application by accessing this link here.
  6. If you’re all done with the scholarship application, you should have received an e-mail stating that your scholarship application has been completed.
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Closing Date

Now that you you know what to expect, what to prepare, and how to apply for the scholarship, it’s time to jot down the closing date of the scholarship as well. The closing date of the Science@Leuven Scholarships is February 15th, 2020. Please be noted that all applications are to be submitted to both the university’s International Office as well as the website of the scholarship before this closing date. All late applications will not be considered and the candidate will automatically be disqualified from the scholarship programme. So to all future applicants of this scholarships, take out your phones and set up tons of reminders for the closing date of the Science@Leuven Scholarships application period.

Official Contact

We believe that with a variety of candidates originating from different types of backgrounds, there’s bound to be a variety of inquiries or concerns as well. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If you still require more information about the Science@Leuven Scholarships, you can easily refer to the official contacts we have provided down below. Don’t forget to ask everything you need to know to ensure an efficient and successful application process. With that, we wish you all the best of luck. Happy applying, future scholars of the world!

Address: Oude Markt 13 – bus 5005, 3000 Leuven, BELGIUM
Phone Number: +32 16 324010
Official Website:

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