UCL Centenary Scholarship Eligible for Any UK University Students

UCL Centenary Scholarship
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If you are interested in continuing your studies to a higher level of education, you can find information about education grants in this article initiated by the UCL Centenary Scholarship at the Institute of Education (IOE), UK.

UCL Centenary Scholarship for International Students Pursuing Master’s Degree

Applications now open for IOE-ISH Centenary Taught Master’s Scholarships for international (non-UK and non-EU students).

The International Students House (ISH) offers a year’s accommodation, while the IOE covers school fees. Keep in mind that these grants do not cover housing, transport or any other expenditures in London. Subject to reasonable results the grants are supportable for one academic year.

Candidates should:

  • Be citizens and residents of a low- or middle-income nation with a GNI not exceeding $8,000 per capita (as per the per capita GNI tables of the World Bank);
  • Have an offer of admission to pursue a full-time Master’s at the UCL Institute of Education in London (starting September / October 2020)
  • Did not study or live in the UK before

Please note that these grants are not available for online courses.

If you meet all the criteria, please send an e-mail to IOEinternational@ucl.ac.uk to query an admission form for a scholarship. Please provide your Student ID number in your email.

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Deadline to apply for these scholarships is Monday, May 4th, 2020 (5PM London Time).

UCL Centenary Scholarship for International Students Pursuing Doctoral Degree

Applications now open for IOE-ISH Centenary Doctoral Scholarship for international (non-UK and non-UE students).

ISH offers housing, while tuition fees are paid by the IOE. Please remember that this scholarship does not cover any subsistence, transportation or other expenses in London. The scholarship, due to sufficient performance, is supportable for three academic years.

To apply for this UCL Centenary Scholarship for doctoral degree, candidates should:

  • Be citizens and residents of a low- or middle-income nation with a GNI that does not exceed $8,000 per capita (as per the per capita GNI tables of the World Bank)
  • Have an unconditional proposal to study full time MPhil/PhD at the UCL Institute of Education in London (start in October 2020)

Please note that online MPhil / PhD, EdD and the DedPsy (Professional Medical, Child and Adolescent Psychology) are not available for this scholarship.

If you fulfill all the criteria, please email IOEinternational@ucl.ac.uk to request a scholarship application form. Please include in your email your student ID number.

When part of the application for a grant, research proposals that were presented with the initial course submission will be taken into account.

Deadline to apply for these scholarship is Monday, May 4th, 2020 (5PM London Time).

UCL Centenary Scholarship in Partnership with Fulbright Scholarships

This partnership means that IOE can jointly provide two awards to US nationals each year:

  • An annual IOE Master’s Degree Prize for Postgraduate Study. Needless to say, submissions for this scholarship are now closed for 2020-21.
  • An annual Distinguished Teacher Award, under which chosen teachers as part of their fellowship plan conduct a research project at the IOE. Regrettably, applications for this grant are now closed for 2020-21.
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The IOE includes the tuition fees of the recipient for the Postgraduate Student Award, and stipends for a full-time master’s level study of one year. The IOE Fulbright Award is an incredibly prestigious award, which draws applicants from a world-class category.

Successful candidates receive a Fulbright scholarship for the Distinguished Teacher Award to fund their travel, lodging and food for the duration of the award. The IOE offers student mentoring and a variety of support and guidance.

United States residents are eligible for this award, if they live outside the UK.

Applications are made through the IIE, but for detailed application information on the Postgraduate Studen Award please visit the IOE-Fulbright page first at www.fulbright.org.uk/going-to-the-uk/postgraduate-students-awards/awards-available/university-college-london.

For information and application details for the Distinguished Teacher Award please visit the Fulbright website at www.fulbrightteacherexchanges.org.

UCL Centenary Scholarship in Collaboration with the Windle Trust

The IOE offers annually one master’s schoalrship in collaboration with the Windle Trust.

Applicants with specific interest are given priority taking into account academic ability, desire, growth impact, leadership potential and personal qualities.

To apply for this IOE – Windle Trust Scholarship, applicants should be:

  • Refugees, internally displaced or be otherwise affected by the conflict
  • From the countries of East, Central or the Horn of Africa and
  • Be resident in Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and South Sudan.

Detailed information on selection criteria and how to apply can be found on the Windle Trust website at https://windle.org.uk.

UCL Centenary Scholarship in Partnership with China Scholarsip Council (CSC)

The IOE and the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) have signed into an agreement to offer Chinese students one full PhD award each year.

  • The IOE covers tuition fees while the CSC provides a stipend for living expenses.
  • The scholarship is tenable for up to 48 months.
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Until submitting a request to the CSC, applicants must first qualify for tuition fee reimbursement from UCL. Program guidelines for each target region can be found on the joint research grants website of CSC-UCL at www.ucl.ac.uk/scholarships/china-scholarship-council-ucl-joint-research-scholarship.

Please notice that the above compliance conditions may change, and that the latest details should be checked specifically with the CSC.

  1. Candidates at the time of application shall be civilians and permanent residents of the People’s Republic of China.
  2. Candidates must follow the eligibility criteria for the current study and jobs, as set out on the website by the CSC.
  3. When successful candidates have finished their studies and/or research, they shall return to China.
  4. Candidates must hold a UCL letter of bid unconditional to them. Therefore, they must fulfill the specific undergraduate admission standards provided by UCL including a high level of English language skills.
  5. Candidates will intend to pursue the study / research in one of the academic focus areas defined by UCL and CSC. However, candidates will also be accepted for other fields of study / research.
  6. Candidates for MPhil / PhD research at UCL must have received or submitted a grant support proposal.
  7. By completing the CSC application and employer reference forms, applicants should fulfill selection criteria provided by CSC.

Successful applicants for CSC should expect their final award to be announced in May.

IOE – Clarke Scholarships

If you are an international student interested in studying at the IOE, information on entry requirements, country tours, funding and more can be found on the website of UCL International Students at www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/international/, or contact international@ucl.ac.uk.

Contact Information

For any queries regarding these schemes, please contact IOEinternational@ucl.ac.uk.

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