UNESCO Scholarship, an Opportunity for Developing Countries Students

UNESCO Scholarship
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Program Overview

The goal of this partnership program between UNESCO and ISEDC is to increase the capacity-building and human resources development in the area of sustainable and renewable energy sources in developing countries and countries in transition. The training activities in the framework of these partnership are justifiable in specialized institutions in the Russian Federation. However, English will be the main medium to deliver all the courses during the program. UNESCO will solicit applications from the developing countries and countries in transition.

In line with the strategy and objectives of the approved UNESCO Program and Budget for the Partnerships Program Section, the UNESCO Category II International Center for Sustainable Energy Development (ISEDC) in Moscow (Russian Federation) is offering twenty (20) participants of four weeks (4) duration each in 2020.

All applicants may choose to study in the following branches of knowledge, which are aligned with UNESCO’s objectives and UNESCO Scholarship program priorities, as per approved 35 C/5 and in accordance with the decisions made by the Executive Board (161 EX/Decision 3.6.3 and 165 EX/Decision 8.6):

  1. Energy and sustainable development;
  2. Ecological management of energy resources;
  3. Renewable energy; and
  4. Sustainable and renewable energy power generation.

UNESCO Scholarship Benefits

UNESCO Scholarship will provide all the successful candidates with the following benefits and facilities.

  1. UNESCO Scholarship scheme will cover the cost of the round-trip international travel at the most economical rate and the most direct flight.
  2. UNESCO will pay a one-time travel allowance amounting to US$100 (one hundred US dollars) prior to the successful candidates’ departure for the Russian Federation.
  3. Health insurance. To avail of this entitlement, the recipients of UNESCO Scholarship should be declared medically fit by the UNESCO Medical Service that examines the complete medical dossiers.
  4. All successful applicants will be exempt of paying tuition fees for the entire duration of studies/training;
  5. Students will undertake studies/training under the supervision of an advisor or study director that will be provided by the host institution;
  6. The donor Government will pay stipends to the successful candidates on a monthly basis, in local currency. The stipend amounting to four hundred and fifty (450) US dollars is intended to cover living expenses such as accommodation, meals, pocket expenses, and incidentals. The donor will determine the amount of the stipend to be granted to the Scholars;
  7. ISEDC will assist in obtaining modest housing for the successful candidates.
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Nevertheless, please take note that selected Scholars from countries where there are Russian Federation Embassies or Consulates must obtain their entry visa in their country prior to their departure. Scholars from countries where no such embassy/consulate exists must secure their visa through the nearest country where the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation can be found.

Therefore, UNESCO Scholarship provide no allowance to defray passport and visa expenses.

However, all applicants should also pay attention to the other conditions as mentioned below.

  1. No provisions can be made to finance or lodge the Scholars’ family members.
  2. UNESCO will require all successful candidates to submit a short progress report co-signed with the academic supervisor at the end of the first month and a final report upon termination of the scholarship. These reports could be written in English or in French and copies of which will be furnished to ISEDC.

Eligibility Criteria of UNESCO Scholarship

All applicants must compel to the following requirements:

  • Holder of at least a BSc degree or BA in Economics;
  • Proficient in English language;
  • Not more than 35 years of age by the application period.

Responsibilites of the Recipients

The responsibilities of successful candidates receiving the UNESCO Scholarship are set forth in the letter of award. They normally include the following:

  1. Successful candidates are required to undertake their studies for the full period of the scholarship scheme and, on return to the home country, to take up the duties, if any, assigned to them by their governments – duties directly related to the studies pursued during the UNESCO Scholarship period.
  2. Students are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner befitting their status as holders of the program granted by an organization of the United Nations system. In the event of conduct unworthy of a UNESCO partnership holder in the opinion of the Organization, UNESCO reserves the right to revoke the partnership and terminate payments under the terms of the award.
  3. Under special circumstances a student may relinquish the fellowship before its appointed end, but this does not free the student from the above-mentioned commitment concerning the duties to be taken up in the home country or from the commitment to submit reports.
  4. The candidate is required to comply with the instructions given to her/him by UNESCO pertaining to the study program and with the administrative formalities concerning the UNESCO Scholarship program.
  5. Changes in the approved study programs cannot be made save in very exceptional cases and only upon approval with UNESCO.
  6. If, upon expiry of a partnership awarded by UNESCO, the student’s return ticket has not been claimed from the travel agency or airline company three months after being placed at the fellow’s disposal, the ticket will lapse and be cancelled.
  7. Successful candidates must submit progress and an end-of-studies report within the period specified in the letter of award.
  8. On expiry of the UNESCO Scholarship, successful candidates are required to inform UNESCO of their permanent address in the home country so that the Organization can contact them when necessary.
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How to Apply

  • All applications should be endorsed by the National Commission for UNESCO and must be duly completed in English or French with the following attachments in double copies: the prescribed UNESCO Scholarship application form; six photographs; certified photocopies of Diplomas; certificate of English Language proficiency; subsequently, for those who have been selected, the UNESCO medical examination form duly completed by a recognized physician (not more than four months before the actual date of studies). The prescribed form of which will be sent along with the letter of award. Expenses incurred in the constitution of the medical dossiers will not be reimbursed.
  • Files which are incomplete or received after the deadline for the submission of applications and candidatures, and do not fulfill the requirements mentioned above, will not be considered.
  • Each invited Member State is requested to nominate not more than two (2) candidates.

Expired Date

The submission of applications will be closed at April 3, 2020.

Link to Official Website

On further information about the UNESCO Scholarship, please visit http://www.unesco.org/new/en/fellowships/guide-for-beneficiaries-of-unesco-fellowships/ and http://www.unesco.org/new/en/fellowships/programmes/unescoisedc-co-sponsored-fellowships-programme/.

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