The Utrecht Excellence Scholarships Offers Full Tuition Fees and an Additional 11,000 Euros

About Utrecht University

Utrecht University is an iconic institution that is not to be missed in the country of the Netherlands. As one of the nation’s, and even the continent’s most popular and prominent universities of today’s generation, Utrecht University has been perfecting the craft of research by implementing top-notched approaches to the research and teaching fields. Their methods are so well-established, the university has been highly-acknowledged because of it. Through the power of innovation, experimentation, and implementation, Utrecht University is constantly bringing something new to the global educational table, which indirectly attracts the attention of scholars, researchers, and academicians worldwide.

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The campus is not only open to its domestic students originating from the Netherlands, but it also extends its arms to international students coming from all parts of the world. At Utrecht University, the campus student body consists of at least 1,500 students originating from overseas countries. The number itself is constantly growing, which is no surprise. Despite being a Dutch-based university, there are plentiful of English-taught degree courses that are conducted within an international teaching sphere. Hopefully, this will be able to promote the concept of globalization within the classrooms as it is an important factor in today’s society, especially when you plan to be a contributing member of the community in this now globalized world.

About the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships

In an effort to attract more and more students to pursue their educational degrees and further expand their academic degrees, the Utrecht University has introduced the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships. Just like the name has implicitly mentioned, the Utrech Exellence Scholarships is a funding program that is offered to well-deserving scholars who have displayed astounding academic progress and talented individuals who show extraordinary potential as a member of today’s academia.

The Utrecht Excellence Scholarships program is exclusively provided for international students only. The aim of this is to constantly grow the international student body within the campus, and at the same time, indirectly promoting the university within an global sphere. In addition, the scholarships will only cater to future scholars who are planning to obtain their Master’s degree. Scholars will be given the choice to pick out the degree of their choice, provided that the degree is offered by the Utrecht University. Since this program is highly competitive, be sure to anticipate massive amount of applicants crowding over this scholarship.

Program Value

Signing up for the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships program is an opportunity that’s not to be missed. With a list of financial benefits that helps you to cover some of your college funds, you’ll be interested in this scholarship in a matter of seconds. There are two ways the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships gives out its funds. The scholarship program will either award their students with full coverage of their tuition fees, or full coverage of tuition fees and an additional 11,000 Euros to cover the students’ living costs and expenses.

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Please be noted that the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships is not a full scholarship as it only gives out partial funding to all of its awardees. Therefore, it is important for all future scholarship applicants to be aware of the fact they will still be required to find other means of extra funding to 100% cover the costs of their studies and stay. The fact above will be ensured by the Netherlands government before you move to the country to study in Utrecht University. Before moving, you will be required to provide a residence permit to the Immigration and Naturalisation Office that proves you have enough financial means to live in the Netherlands.


To qualify for the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship, there are several criteria that future candidates must undergo through in order to be considered fully eligible for the program. As each of these criteria are equally important, all candidates must fulfill every item that is on this following list below. The Utrecht Excellence Scholarship eligibility criteria includes:

  • Has been included in the Top 10% Percentile of your Graduating Class: this can be be proven by obtaining a legitimate documents from your previous university. It could either be a statement letter, a letter of reference, a class ranking certificate, or anything equivalent. However, whatever the document, they all must be officially stamped by the university.
  • Does not own an EU/EEA passport.
  • Does not qualify for any other types of financial support provided by the Dutch system.
  • Has finished secondary school education as well as a Bachelor’s degree program outside of the Netherlands.
  • Has already enrolled into an international Master’s program for the academic year of 1 September, 2020. Please be noted that not all Master’s programs provided by Utrecht University are catered by the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship. Therefore, please check whether the program of your choice is available for the scholarship by visiting this website (Master’s Program -> Tuition Fees and Financial Support.)
  • Is not applying for an online Distance Learning, Online Programme.
  • Is able to qualify for a Visa/residence permit to study in the Netherlands.
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Selection Process

Besides double checking your eligibility, all future candidates of the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship program must be able to attain these further requirements. The requirements listed below are of great importance to the overall results of the scholarship program. Make sure you have these documents officially legislated and are valid enough to be proof for the committee’s inspection. If any candidate is caught red-handed providing false documents, they will have their application automatically revoked. Below are the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships program requirements.

  1. Has an astounding academic track record, especially in their respective fields of studies.
  2. Valid qualifications that shows they were part of the Top 10% Percentiile within their class. This can be proven through grades, test scores, letters of recommendations, and a writing sample.
  3. The quality of the letter of motivation that explains why they wish to pursue their chosen Master’s degree in Utrecht University. The content of the motivation letter should include academic content, personal motivation, as well as intercultural and communication skills.)
  4. The quality of their application forms, which includes completeness, accuracy, and consistency.

How to Apply

Once you have all of the previous sections crystal clear, it’s time to begin your applications for the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships program. There are several key steps that need to be jotted down. In addition, these steps are all equally important, so in order to have a smooth and efficient application procedure, please pay attention to these application procedure steps below:

  • Send in your application form for a Master’s programme in Utrecht University. Should you not send in one beforehand, you’re Utrecht Excellence Scholarship will automatically be revoked.
  • Once you have submitted your Master’s programme application, you can now finally register for the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships programme. Simply click on this Osiris Online Application link here.
  • Log into your account by entering in your Osiris username and password.
  • Find the link for “New Application” and click on it.
  • Answer all of the questions on the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships program application form. Then, proceed to upload all of the documents as per requested by the scholarship.
  • Once everything is done and complete, submit in your applications.
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Closing Date

If you’re keen on applying for the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships program, then jot down the closing date for application submissions. Any potential scholars who are planning to sign up for this scholarship should take note that all applications must be submitted before January 31st, 2020 (23:59 CET). All candidates are required to send in their applications before the closing date. Any applications that are submitted after the closing date will not be accepted and will immediately be disregarded by the scholarship committee. Therefore, please have this closing date saved in your phone or written onto your calendars.

In addition, since the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships program utilizes an online application system, we highly advise all candidates to submit their application forms and documents way before the deadline itself. This is to anticipate any heavy traffic that might come around nearing the closing date of application. Heavy online traffic means a high risk of errors or lagging issues on the online application portal, which could definitely disrupt your application procedure. If you can obtain all of the requirements and double check your eligibility criteria as soon as possible, then there’s no reason to keep postponing your submissions. Send in your applications as fast as you can!

Official Contact

We here completely understand that scholars want the very best for any of their educational endeavors, including the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships program. While our article has provided extensive information about the program itself, there may be one or two future candidates that may have a series of specific inquiries or concerns. Therefore, should you have any further questions about the program, please refer to the following official contact to get the specific information that you require. Last but not least, we hope that you put in your very best into this scholarship program. Happy applying, future scholars of the world!

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